Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED


I know that footfall has been adjusted to scale. However, it certainly doesn’t seem right that ALL my beacons, most with low to moderate footfall, now generate almost 1000% less footfall on average…those getting 3-4k a day now barely see 300 :expressionless:


Guys, again, footfall fix incoming mon or tues. A little patience is required.

I got a whopping 24c in footfall today.


Depends what youre used to spending it on i guess. I have a lot of portals that i’d struggle to maintain without it. The hub generates the footfall that buys the oort that powers the hub. And the circle of life continues… hopefully.


meh money comes freely. shouldnt cost more then 100k per month to run a few portals.


Lol tell that to my portals that take 900 shards every 4 days


900 shards every 4 days is sub 100k.


Yea if I only had 1. Also that’s only if you’re able to buy Oort at less than 222c. Cause at 222c for 28 days it’ll cost 100,699.2 for 1 portal that cost 900 per 4 days.


I need about 2500 shards a day… Sure, 100k a month is enough! :slight_smile:


…and then add helix machines for 160k every 7 days…:cry:


Update OP of details of Release 211.4.

… and …

Release 211 - Known Issues


I think this is a very good and reasonable change.
I always thought thats how the system worked in the first place. :smile:
I will immediately run to all my beacons, clear the coins and wait for the new numbers. :star_struck:


Excellent, timing based on payments rather than visits makes much more sense!

Thanks for looking at this factor again, and making appropriate changes.


Perfect thank you!!!

Time to do my lap around the Gyosha mall! Gotta burn off these unsightly calories piled on from the weekend gluttony cheesecake haha!


Also, be aware you will lose all active guild buffs by leaving and rejoining.


Was there a lighting/colour change that I missed in update notes?

Seems different somehow!


For clarification:
Does this mean a “below 10k prestige” or “bridging” beacon will no longer impair the footfall of other beacons by the same player within the same settlement? (Since they no longer generate any footfall.)
Or is “0” also considered a valid payment?



Can’t wait to test how footfall works on my beacons now over next few days.


That would seem correct, as there was no ‘payment’.

Clarification would be good though.


Well depending on implementation there could be a payment of 0 coins.


Good point. I’ve added a comment.