Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED


Beacons without a settlement have never been involved in footfall since its a function of settlements.

Beacons with less than 10k prestige after guilds update also are completely ignored for footfall even before today’s hotfix


True, good point.


To be honest, I think I prefer having my main character name appear in chat on behalf of all my guild member characters. It keeps things simple for the players that only know me by that name. Basically, I like the way it was/is.

So, if I decide not to leave and rejoin the guild, will character name A still show when playing on and chatting on Character B like it was before today’s update?


Thank you for the clarification!

I have a beacon dedicated to the streets within my village. The streets also leave the village and form some under 10k settlements outside of my actual village which keep the beacon in a bridging state.

But before the guild update i was getting footfall from it as if it was part of the settlement despite it’s bridging state. Only since the guild update it’s actually not generating any footfall anymore.
(Which is why I finally fixed it by splitting it :grin:)


This 100%. I have a beacon for the “roads” in the mall and everyone attaches to it with their beacons/settlements/etc. I was getting ok footfall before. Now the road is considered a settlement and my FF has turned to :poop:


Then only use that character to chat. The messaging system allows you to “chat as all characters” independent of the character you’re currently playing with.

But your “roads” are part of the larger settlement? So they should generate footfall.

The Great Settlements define footfall.

The Guild Settlements give control over naming.


Ah of course. Thank you, James.


Very exciting! Feels like this major update is finally stablized. I’m sure there’s things to learn in retro but I do want to point out that there was deep changes to both the plot system and beacon permissions and no bugs or exploits caused ppl to lose their items/builds. The line was held! Kudos to the devs for adding some excellent foundation to the game. Time to pile a whole bunch of content on top?


Just reporting some initial behaviour.

Within our settlement I have my main base beacons by main char, inside my base, there is an area beaconed by alt1.

I had a visitor to my base, and it’s impossible to get to the point they were at without crossing both beacons.

Main beacon had 56c, alt beacon 0c.

Alt has other beacons in settlement not directly touching either of first ones, so went to check those.

One of these had received 40c.

Is this expected behaviour?

I assumed that the alt1 base beacon had 0 due to the visitor entering one of alt1’s other beacons in the settlement, but would have expected the same amount of coin, ie 56c?


yeah, and since the footfall state hasn’t been reset I’m assuming alt1’s beacons in the settlement might have been visited more often past few days so grants less than the other one.

Am assuming alt1 is one of the shop owners? More people running to that than your base I guess?


Could be, forgetting that the timers haven’t been reset. Still would be useful to get an idea if this is expected behaviour.


Of course, several people already have visited the market since the update, might actually happen quickly. I saw 1 beacon had 80c, another 40c, so assumed 40c per visitor, then the first suddenly started receiving 32c, would not be surprised if tonight that’s back to 24c already!

In fact… 56 is 32 + 24 :wink:



I just want to make sure I have this right, please correct or clarify as needed.

The first time someone visits, I receive full footfall.

Every 24 hours, their visit results in footfall, but less than the day before.

Every fifth day, footfall resets and you get the full amount for that person again.

Do I have that right?

If so, what is the percentage of the daily reduced rate?

For example, I get 40c per visit. What would that look like on day 2,3,4 and five?

And this is a question for anyone who can answer it. I’m at 340K-ish prestige. What is the next tier for the per-visit footfall increase?

Thanks @james and anyone else. :slight_smile:


I don’t know the equation they use but I can tell you if that person visits every day you’ll never get the full coin amount from them. You’ll get day 1 footfall every day. If they skip a day, you’ll get day 2 footfall. They have to not visit for those 5 days for their next visit to give you the full amount.

Note: This is further affected by this:

So the more traffic you have in total, will also cut some coins off the top.


Oh and to answer this question:


I hope that’s not true. The change was supposed to bring significantly more footfall, not less.


Actually I may be mistaken, because these statements do not imply any scale based on time, just the scale based on traffic.

And it seems it was meant to bring the top earners down a little to discourage footfall traps.


I’m not sure about that, It probably significantly increased footfall on plots that only have a couple of visitors per week but definitely decreased footfall for anyone having daily traffic.

We need something to generate more coins to stimulate economy and from that update it definitely not from footfall we will achieve it.


IMO, that’s stupid. Make it once a day with no reductions and be done with it. Let the rich be rich. These reductions are killing us middle guys.

Just let the coin flow and stop managing it.

At least give it a shot for a few weeks to stimulate the starved economy.


Yeah, I don’t get the logic behind skewing the FF down for large/busy areas (punishment basically). Interactive areas are going to have more traffic…there are things for players to use/do…don’t see why that’s a bad thing. :woman_shrugging:

Ultima often said how much FF they made and I thought it was fitting due to all of the work they put into their hubs…heck I use their hubs all the time. Hash prob got everything squared around by now, but I think he said FF was in the dumps for them too.

It seems similar to CPC/Affiliate accounting or website visitors vs unique website visitors. Not fun. :confused: