Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED


I really don’t get the incessant need to restrict the flow of coin. Take us off the leash.

Advanced coils are going for 2000c at this point. That’s half the price of the components. It’s insane.

Heck, the best thing they could do right now, even aside from footfall, is to drop 20Kc into everyone’s account.

That’s only one forged gem tool each, but it would have a HUGE positive effect on the economy.


The large/busy areas were supposed to continue earning about the same, while the smaller areas got a buff to their earnings. But the implementation bugs made it worse for everyone. Let’s see how things shake out once the bugs are gone and traffic has stabilized, maybe it’ll all work out still.


I’m giving it until the end of the week to be resolved, and if footfall is still as broken as it is now then I’m gonna buy another game on Steam and have a 3-6 month break.

I’ve got even less today than the previous 3 days. Probably because it’s a monday, but 126c (edit) when I used to get 1500c is insane.


I think the idea of Guilds is great, but…

If more people join the game…I forsee beacons, settlements, and guilds becoming more tangled up, more complicated to straighten out, more people becoming frustrated, etc. Since the Guild update, I haven’t really been able to play/enjoy the game. I’m spending most of my time figuring out what plot is where, what beacon belongs to what, how to help others near me get the desired plot/beacon/settlement result they need…

We were told it would help FF, help the beacon/settlement issues, etc. I’m not seeing that and I don’t see how it will fix itself. I think a more simple, black & white system would have been much better.

ie: These are my plots that I made/earned. My friend showed up and wants to be near me. I use the menu and select “allow friend to plot next to me: yes”. Or, fix the beacon issue and put guilds elsewhere. Like a cool club that you visit. Guilds probably should have been made their own private mini-planets or something that you warp to once you’ve joined. Making them encase existing beacons/plots/settlements and create their own wardens is weird.


The fix probably won’t hit until tomorrow night.


The fix was released this morning.


Not to mention the guild buffs delete fund from the games. So the sink is there to increase the footfall as you stated. I dont understand the need to limit funding either.


Well that’s…upsetting.


8 hours ago.


I thought that was upcoming.

I woke up to 4c in my beacon.


What do you mean? How do guilds take coin from players/the game?


The guild buffs cost coin, around 500k if you run the higher buffs. That money is gone and not in circulation anymore.


Well. I guess I won’t be making any of those.


I’d only use the Helix as a decorative item in a build. IMO the buffs aren’t worth the coin sink.


I would love to see what the large hubs are seeing in FF. I know mine is still in the dumps. I was really looking forward to the update, as I thought I would see an increase in FF. Definitely NOT a decrease, and MOST definately not an abrupt halt.


Have you tried the grapple and run speed? It’s insane… but I don’t know if it will be affordable.


Yes. I have. In early access.


It seems like most of what they do is needlessly complicated.

Whether it’s beacons and settlements, “Oh it needs to be X plots wide or it’s a road or it won’t count or there’s an error oh but now there’s another bug”

And then tying Guilds to the beacons “Oh people need to opt in then set permissions on each beacon to the alt and then other people etc etc”

We’d have far more content in the game if they had just simplified the settlement thing, made it so if a beacon borders another beacon, they combine, but you have the option to opt out of it for a maximum of 3 beacons or something, and made guilds tied to an in-game interface in the menu like most other games, instead of tying them to the beacons…

Don’t get me started on how confusing the forge is.

I’ll come back to the game when all this needless confusion is removed, or they release private servers. The game is a chore right now. Spend more time managing convoluted systems then you do playing the game.


*afternoon but probably depends on your time zone :wink:

Also, footfall is still trickling in way slower than it used to be and I dislike it with a passion.

Since everyone seems to have less coin to spend sales are down, prices are going down, it’s still doing the opposite of what they said it would do…


If they did the hot fix today, then you shouldn’t notice anything for 24 hours correct? A little patience never hurt anybody.