Release 211: Empires - CONTINUED


What is their configuration? Who owns them, etc.


Are they owned by the same character?


both same settlement, and owned by 2 different characters


Is the home beacon where the portals are, and the other the hall of shops?


one has 2-3 portals on it and the other has the whol mall hallway up to it. If they come in a portal and walk just a few steps they touch both


Seems to me people just are using the portals more than they are going to check the shops. But James may find something more.


(I don’t really get a lot of foot traffic in my shop there)


if they walk about 3-4 blocks into the area they touch both. and the portals are split into 3 sections and the other sections didnt receive no where near that amount either.


Just seemed that the 1st they touched got full amount, and all other alts got the “repeat” decrease, is why i posted this. seemed to link acount as 1 whole instead of seperating the alts.


That would certainly explain why I seem to get zero FF from some people.


You have hit the nail on the head.Everything you have suggested I totally agree with.It could of easily been simplified. You have a great idea and I’m surprised they didn’t think of doing just that.It makes perfect sense.


Quick question, folks unrelated to Footfall (that makes a change, huh?).

So I’m a member of a guild. Just a member with no permissions etc. Is there any point or reason for me to craft and keep a Guild Book at my base? Like, can I use it to interact with the guild and make donations etc. without having to go to the guild’s main base of operations and the book that’s located there?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


No, you need to use the guild book.

But you can use one to decorate :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. Good idea. Thanks, msa. :slight_smile:


@msa @C0ND1T10NR3D actually you can use a guild book in your base and set it to whichever guild. It then can be used for you to donate coin to the guild and for other people that see it to apply.


Oh did not know that cool, thanks for the info


Oh wow. That is cool and exactly what I was hoping for. It would be so handy to be able to make donations without having to always hop from world to world. Awesome. And even better to know that others can apply to the guild from it too. Thanks, FireAngelDth. :smiley:


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