Release 211: Empires - Guilds and Messaging++!


Not a 100% off solution but you could just keep it on the “Boundless”-only channel, which is only for system messages. That way you wouldn’t be completely blocking chat or messages if you did want to check on them? But I guess the chat sound will still happen… Depends how “off” you want it to be I guess.


Thank you! I would prefer to be able to close or mute them completely until needed (for when son is playing).


In SETTINGS > GAME > GAMEPLAY panel there is an option to ‘Show Chat Log’ - you can set that to off and it will hide the chat module entirely unless you choose to interact with it.

We’re also working on adding channel muting and options to include channels in ‘All’ - so you’ll have a lot more control over what you see. Hopefully coming soon.


Ah will do, thank you. Good news also, thanks.


@uni3k you cannot. The guild you align to is the same guild you grant control to.

@james @philelliott

We tested this in PS last night. The chat displays the most recent of your characters that joined the guild.

So if you:

Join guild Character A
Join guild Character B

Each time you type in the chat, it will show Character B name.

Since most of our guild wanted their ‘main’ to have their name show, they would either : 1) Join the guild with their main last or 2) if they had already joined with all character, leave the guild with their main and rejoin.

Then when chatting their main name would show, which at least would be better.

Not sure if this bug always happens, or sometimes does…just sharing our workaround for when it did happen.


Found an AOE axe I can afford…as long as I don’t move while it’s equipped, stupid bouncy perk.

So, after about 30 minutes of searching and 45ish minutes of chopping, I got enough sap. (My apologies to anyone who lives near the area I deforested.)

So, I got that cooking into glue last night.

I’m almost out of tallow, and had to use some blood as well, but I finally managed to get enough vital cooked overnight

I miscalculated my ancient though. I had to dump close to the rest of my fossils into the extractor before I went to work. Should finish up right before I get home.

Two days of work will net me whopping 50 Enriched Bonding Materials. Enough for 250 of the new blocks.

And that’s it, I’m out. Mother Hubbard the cupboard is bare. It’ll take weeks for me to get enough mats to make any more.

These new blocks better have ten-thousand prestige each for the amount of mats they require.


Thank you!


Found them. Thank you. This is actually a really neat idea to get the foliage to glow because of the piece of gleam.


Updated OP with @Jiivita update video:


Haven’t watched it yet, is he also covering the bugs?


Sorry James, I just couldn’t resist! :slight_smile:


I mean, shadow orbs are the second easiest to get once you have access to teir 5 planets. It is annoying for the shear amount of mats needed for the enriched bonding agent, but one masscraft of it gets you enough to make 250 of the new blocks as you said. But two mass crafts actually get you 550 blocks worth (due to using 9 per mass of new blocks).

For these new blocks which are high pristigue I didn’t think the mat to block ratio is too bad. I largely had no use for fossels and now I actually have a reason to go after them. So overall I am happy with the new blocks, plus they have unique textures which is nice.


That is exactly what i found with that bug as well


This is great but a better explanation of footfall would be great. I am a builder and depend on my footfall coin to participate in the economy. Currently I’m experiencing much less coin than before when the footfall reset was 24 days. How is this possible?


Can I ask for a little clarification on this please?

It seem to state that if char 1 steps into beacon A in settlement B, you will only receive footfall payment once 24 hours has passed.


Notice the ‘now’? As in this was NOT the case before the guild update…

That’s how I interpreted it and how it seems to be implemented since a beacon of a 5 minute old alt received coin right away after someone walked over it…

And yes, I can see why it could be misinterpreted, but if you look at the other bullet points around it…


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