Release 211: Empires - Guilds and Messaging++!


I’m super confused right now.

I’m also a little frustrated for the time I invested trying to get this figured out last week and nobody seemed to have the answer or any clear explanation.

I’m also very worried that rather than finally maybe seeing what people mean about earning coin from footfall it now sounds like I can discount the notion of footfall from all but (possibly) one of my builds. And even that build is pathing people onto/across edge plots for the most part.

So the way I understand it, when I can log in again, all but one of my builds will be unable to stand alone. And the one build that does stand alone is purpose built to reject the few coins (hundreds of coins every day!) I’ve been making in footfall.

I’ve created another thread to share my concerns and randomized confusion today if anyone else just wants to post some venting that isn’t really appropriate to this thread:


At this time of day I think it’s tradition for the boss to get the pizzas in


James is the boss, I’m pretty sure.


I an officially voicing my displeasure with the Enriched bonding agent requirement for the new blocks.

This is ridiculous. I’m already going to have to clean out my storage to get enough Vital for a single mass craft, it will put a huge dent on my fossils for the 2200 ancient I need…and then I noticed how much glue it’s going to take.

I’m going to spend hours getting enough sap for 288 freaking glue. (why is there no mass crafting on furnaces?)

And when it’s done? 50. That’s it. Enough to net you 250 of blocks you need hundreds of.

It’s too much. Needing Shadow orbs is bad enough. At the very least, the amount of essence and glue needed needs go down considerably.

I’ve gone from excited to annoyed.


If these blocks are meant to be endgame blocks then glue should not be an issue as you can get aoe axe’s and farm it easy on low level worlds with a gatherer alt that can 1 shot the wood easy and some worlds have huge trees you can farm and regen.

The essences is a bit much though I agree even though there was very little use for vital essence before but using large fossils does help a lot if you are able to mine where they are located.

I just think they are not meant to be used as a common building block like most other blocks are it seems and that seems a bit off for them as they are just a decorative block right now.


have the same bug, but was able to get the coins. Haven’t checked my shop yet, but it doesn’t have the prestige yet.


Couple of bugs I’ve found:

  1. auto loot chisel doesnt always crack open the dead mob. I have to switch away/back to the tool to get it to.

2. I just levelled up (around level 157) and I didn’t get any cubits after opening the darkmatter box.

Edit. I’ve just come out of the exchange, and back in and cubits now showing correctly


I agree, it’s way too much,. Having just made 400 enriched bonding agent though, I’d be pretty peed off if they lowered it !


That’s exactly my issue. Why do I need to be harvesting on T5 planets to finally have a refined gravel?

We need a lot more T 1-3 blocks before we start worrying about endgame.


You get the remark that you don’t have permission to remove coin, but are still able to do it. It seems to be a bug. Had that show up in my home base and was still able to remove the coins. Didn’t think to rename it


Before I got my hands on AoE tools I used to visit ppls’ mines and run thru the tunnels they made earlier, picking up what others left behind. Fossils were often left behind as was tech because they were low value. I suspect if ppl start also picking up the incidental fossils they were mining passed already, the grind for ancient essence won’t be so bad. The recipe is like 18 large fossils for 250 so getting 2k essence is really 144 large fossil. Not bad for 50 bonding agent. ~3 fossils per


Ancient is rough, but not the big issue, IMO. It’s vital and sap.



I love the new chat system…it just told me one of my shop stands sold out and that one of my baskets was totally filled. :globe_with_meridians: :+1::facepunch:


Couple questions…

  1. Can you have a beacon aligned to one guild, with control to another? Eg my outlet in gyosha mall the presitge/alignment should go to gyosha mall, but i want my guildmates to be able to access stands etc. Guessing setting beacon perms for my guild the old fashioned way is the best bet.

  2. Sorry if this has been discussed, sure it probably has but i cant find a definitive answer in the million threads/posts (link to discussion would be great if there is one). Anyhoo… What happened to footfall? Is that now a daily thing? I haven’t registered any coin on any beacons since the update. Have watched many people run over the plots.

Edit… found an answer for anyone else wondering about footfall.


I call shenanigans.

I was 17th on Storis II before the update. I haven’t lost any prestige, But since four of the settlements above me split in two, I got knocked down to 21st.



Lol. I had the same… actually added about 100k prestige building at the same time, and went from 10th to 16th. Fix your settlements people!


Where was this in the notes? Freaking awesome!!!


Just discovered that one too… Awesome feature. Loving this chat system!


I had a quick look last night but couldn’t see a way to get rid of the chat. Can I turn it all off? Is using parental controls the best way?