Release 211: Empires - Guilds and Messaging++!


ok…I plotted my way out from having ANY red stripes (checkerboard or 2 stripes) and my settlement has come back.
Pain in the behind though



Something is going on with Gellis Prime too. Anni has lost half her prestige for the city. I don’t think she’s gonna be too happy when she logs in.


They said prestige wasn’t changed but I’m curious to why I received negative prestige for placing refined lustrous wood @C0ND1T10NR3D


Lost prestige, can’t collect coin?, lost part of the settlement name…


From what I can tell, there’s very little refined wood in use in her builds. Mostly brick and stone etc. Definitely nowhere near 1.5mil prestige worth of woods anyway.


Yea but it might not be the only block affected. On a list I got off the forums I saw refined gleam as 30 but it placed for 6. Tho one of the devs said refined was never worth that much so I guess I don’t know what it should be worth. @C0ND1T10NR3D


True. However, I’m using mostly all brick and refined Iron in my build and my prestige hasn’t changed a bit. I have a feeling some of her plots may not be in line with the ‘new rules’ and therefore are maybe falling outside of the settlement?


Hopped on briefly before work this morning to check out guilds and chat. Love it! In the process of joining all our beacons to our household guild.

Couple suggestions.

I now need to come up with more plot names than before. Our house is 100k prestige so when I aligned it to guild it became a settlement and stopped being “Fig & Sarquat’s Home - Gellis Prime”. Now it’s “Fig & Sarquat’s Home - Unnamed Settlement (Hamlet) - Gellis Prime”. I ported the beacon name to settlement name and don’t really need a beacon name in this case but understand why others would need it. I’d like an option to blank out the beacon name or something.

Similar thing with a Lego-like tutorial I had set up on how to build gleam trees. The prestige was only 7k before so I had to prestige bomb the basement to get it to 10k for footfall, and now it needs two names. In this case I would opt out of beacon name appearing as well.

edit: I tried blanking out the names which gives me something like what I want, but it makes a lot of the UI screens not as useful since they don’t list settlement names.

This is a first-worldy problem, definitely more important concerns being raised in this thread. Just wanted to make note for future thought. The new guild and footfall changes kind of push you towards making everything a settlement and now we need extra names for stuff.


Where is that?


It’s in Gellis Prime just NE of the Portal Seekers hub. There’s currently a gigantic santa dumping out snow in the plot next door. He’s visible from the PS Hub platform, so he’s a good landmark. Name of my build is How-to: Autumn Gleam Tree.

They look like tiny trees but gleam is hidden inside which both illuminates the foliage and provides light. Good for lining roads with a more natural look.

It’s only 3 steps to build but I made the how-to beacon as a proof of concept. I hope to one day be able to sell prefabs or bundles with all the ingredients. So you can show up, learn how to make them, then take home some of your own.


Does seem to work in other settlements so if ps4 players don’t have access to a debug menu then maybe some friendly pc players can help them out.
I can’t even log on currently so won’t be me for the mo :stuck_out_tongue: but will do it for naught if peeps want help


New Leyden lost half of it’s prestige, was split in like 5 different settlements, we can’t get it back together. Solved a few spots that could give issues, even removed 1 beacon with 400+ plots and added them to my main beacon, but I keep getting the dreaded bridging issue message on the beacon…

So, fantastic update! So happy I’ve spend 5 hours today trying to fix this stuff and it’s still not. Even spend 40 euros to get more plots still didn’t work. Am out of ideas and fed up. Don’t want to play at the moment…


Refined gleam is 10 base prestige (see Useful References)

But, every beacon has multiple modifiers that can adjust prestige values up and down (which is also why we sometimes see negative prestige):

  1. Which character did you create the Guild with?
  2. Did you enable the AUTO JOIN option?
  3. Which character joined the Guild second?
  4. Which character talks into the Guild channel?

  1. philelliott
  2. No
  3. Brennor
  4. Brennor (even if I’m on philelliott)


Well then, I guess I’m back to this thread lol.

A. I don’t have perms to collect coin from my own/main beacon?

B. It seems that when you align an existing settlement to a guild, it becomes unnamed. You have to then rename it. I just aligned my old settlement on Biitula to the Gyosha Syndicate and it became unnamed. Then I renamed the settlement Hueston again. @vdragon @james


I’m confused, don’t all plots on the border of a settlement automatically fail this test? Does this rule only apply to ‘interior’ plots or something?


ooo! this is a nice and unexpected change!
That, or I missed reading that in the testing release notes

this should be removed right? since we can’t access the F9 menu in this release
OR CAN WE?! :money_mouth_face::exploding_head:

so glad this is finally here. thank you Devs!! :+1:


Thanks. Frustratingly we can’t reproduce this locally at the moment, but a few people have reported it. We’ll keep searching.

Does leaving and joining the guild again work around it?


James should get a raise.