Release 211: Empires - Guilds and Messaging++!


That looks so cool!

We should have a craftable builders survey map to offer this functionality outside of the debug menu!


does look very cool (whole thing moves and rotates when on the move…fyi close debug menu first) but not quite sure how to translate to mending bridges (as it were…)


Does it work for other players settlements?

You could hire out your settlement fixing services :laughing:


Someone else just showed me some debug screenshots, there’s one with red wiggly lines in it, are all the red’is marked plots ‘roads’ and thus causing issues?

So basically check for those red marked road plots and do some plotting/unplotting there?


I’m a bit confused about the list of bug fixes since a lot of them cover fixes done to the new systems while they were still on testing, which makes them lack context and relevance for the release notes.

Other than that, really looking forward to checking everything out!


so I think red (denoting bridge) checker board bad (ie add plot/s, see if changes). have been adding plots (!) and squares have been changing to red or white stripes.
Got a lot of ground to cover before full results are in though :slight_smile:


Having road plots isnt a problem unless they ‘cut’ a region of connected plots into two or more parts

Even if your beacon is cut into two by road plots, neighbouring beacon plots can provide links around the cut in your beacon so that they still produces a single settlement that your beacon is not bridging even if it on its own would have created two settlements and then bridged them.


Me and the new update


My counter


But everything is connected to each other, no empty plots in between so I have no clue what to look for now.


I really like the ability to destroy my beacon and collect all of my plots. I’ve been wanting to move, but it is such a pain to do it manually. Much gratitude!!


Can you now actually do that? Brilliant!!!


yep. and it is wonderful


Shame i unplotted my 200plot space yesterday haha


beg to differ.
now spent a couple of hours trying to bring back my settlement but no joy.
It might seem simple to you but not to my brain unfortunately.

just to be clear, 3 wide but can’t be 3 high?

Does the turning the red checkboard pattern, on the de-bug visuals, into just 2 red stripes or just plain white mean it should be cancel any “bridging” issues?


In guild chat:

I have two characters in the guild, but while I’m on my main, the alt’s name is still being used in guild chat.


I noticed this, I think this is by design, is the name in chat the name of your first created char or an actual alt made after your main?


That could be related to a known issue that’s being worked on.


This happened to me this morning. I think its either the last charcter you logged in with or the last to join the guild. Idk if theres a way to change it in game yet though


Yep settlement has around 2.8k plots, we can’t find the issue, some beacons are just there own settlement.

Have to say this is making me quite the opposite of being happy, and don’t feel like playing at the moment …