Release 211: Empires - Guilds and Messaging++!


There is a crash opening the Settlement details for any Settlement with the highest rank - for example the Ultima Guild HQ. A fix will be deployed shortly.

Prestige values have not changed.


I laid down refined gleam and it only gave me 6 instead of 30 @james


Refined Gleam did not give 30 prestige in the previous release.


Oh guess the sheet I was looking at had wrong values


Wohoo lets rock! :sunglasses:


Try doing that on a PS4… As in my case…

Guild alignment not working


Settlement rules have changed tho right? Now at plot level not chunk level?

Is that the cause for bridging errors? And on PS4 I really can’t tell what the problem is…


Even tho I’m in the middle of anvil I should be able to name my settlement since I’ve aligned it to ultima but it’s unnamed with no option to name it


Worse is that I’m not warden of my own town anymore, lol!


I’m getting negative prestige for refined lustrous wood. Lol how bout that for fun times @AeneaGames


Moving to plot level will have ‘changed’ things. But also makes it much easier to comprehend as it’s now always ‘plot column neighbours join together’ rather than plots merging for settlements even if there were 2 gaps inbetween; but only sometimes! Since depended on chunk borders.

The old road hueristic was ‘each chunk has to have 4 plots’ and now is ‘the plot and it’s 8 neighbours around it have to have 9 plots’ which largely works out the same but sometimes is more strict, but again is easier to comprehend as it doesnt rely on chunks which you cant see borders of.

Before, ‘if you were careful with chunks’ you could get away with a 2 wide set of single high plots to make a road that didnt hit the road hueristic, but sometimes had to be 4 plots wide, now its consistent 3 plots wide single height wont hit the hueristic.

At least for PC, the new debug screen for beacons/settlements will help find any parts of a beacon that ‘cut’ a set of plots into two via road pieces which lead to ‘bridges settlements’

My settlement is no longer a settlement and idk how to fix it
What makes a settlement? Also why the noise about footfall?

You always have to plot all 8 neighbor plots? You have to plot the whole planet to not be treated a road?


Yeah that seems a lot.


Between the plot and its 8 neighbours there has to be 9 plots, it could be 9 in just the one plot, or 4 and 5 in its neighbour, or 1 in each


Was assigning a guild name at brambleland sorissi and game crashed and will not connect back happened 5 mins ago


I just put a support topic on this issue @Ratchel


Should aligning your beacon to a guild prevent you from being able to collect footfall coin from your own plots? I would have expected that to only happen if if was controlled by the guild. It seems a bit cross-purpose to me … aligning should mean that the guild has my allegiance… not my coin.

Edit: Also removing alignment does not unlock the coin collection button …


Edit: I get it know. They don’t have to be all from your beacon, they can, of course, be plotted by someone else. And having some road-plots in your beacon is not a problem, as long as they are not used to bridge.

The new visualizer is awesome! Best part of this patch, or probably every patch.


This is a UI bug , you can still collect the coins.


debug menu settlement visual…can resize. Now to see if I can fix things using it…

This beaconi bridges multiple
Large beacon prestige not registering after guild update