Release 217: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!

Minor thing.

I’m changing the floor in my Sanctum, and once the floor is placed down, it can’t be re-broken again :\

That was something we did talk about but it was more in regards to builds and not prefabs. Basically like a more manual building magicvoxel type idea. Of coures this was only a prelim discussion and I don’t know the extent or full plans on where things would go. So I don’t want to over set expectations or commit to something. Obviously it would be a lot of development needed but clearly this shows some way of allowing users to interact more with the sanctum.

Did a few minor sanctum changes, making all the gleam red (where possible)

You have to be careful about where you place things, i find saving regularly is the best solution - sometimes it can be broken again, sometimes it can’t.

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Were these blocks that were by chance placed in the water or under an NPC?

This is a known issue with the editor. Save often. When you revert to your last save you will be fine.

I’d accidentally removed a Decorative Meta 1 from the main standing area, one corner side. Replaced it like-for-like, and then was unable to remove it again.

Yeah, took a bit of time, hard disk checking and all that, but after all that I could start the game as normal.

Not sure what that was. Also sent a report to Sony thru the UI about the OS crash…

And I always send a report tho this time I did not have a chance to since the OS crashed right after…


I understand why, but man…another inventory spot.


'bout time they earned money off me offering another two rows of inventory space. :slight_smile:

Updated OP with @Jiivita’s overview video.


Great job on pin pointing some issues we have been having. Thank @james and the rest of the team.

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That’s a serious nerd-mode dictionary that auto-corrects “power coil” to “powercore” :slight_smile: I want!

Doesn’t everyone use an Oortian spellchecker??


Updated details of 217.1.


perhaps a hint of a possible new feature, that links power coils together.

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Hmm I chased a color changing bug around a bank of tables last night until I decided to ignore it as a client glitch and get on with what i was trying to do.

Glad to know it wasn’t me going nuts.

Is the global chat even being used? Never seen any message?

Not a lot, it’s too hidden away. I think it’s a big problem, see Improved chat :confused:

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