Release 217: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!


Great job on pin pointing some issues we have been having. Thank @james and the rest of the team.


That’s a serious nerd-mode dictionary that auto-corrects “power coil” to “powercore” :slight_smile: I want!


Doesn’t everyone use an Oortian spellchecker??


Updated details of 217.1.

Trying to warp to a friend but it won’t load
COMPLETE Hotfix Deploying @ 1100 GMT This Morning

perhaps a hint of a possible new feature, that links power coils together.


Hmm I chased a color changing bug around a bank of tables last night until I decided to ignore it as a client glitch and get on with what i was trying to do.

Glad to know it wasn’t me going nuts.


Is the global chat even being used? Never seen any message?


Not a lot, it’s too hidden away. I think it’s a big problem, see Improved chat :confused:


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