Release 217: Guild Buffs, Advanced Locks, and Global Chat!


Just proving we digest every word :wink:


woot! so far haven’t seen any unequiping where I normally would have…good stuff :slight_smile:


I checked if there was an update on PS4 and yes, there was! Downloaded it, closed off the game, the update downloaded and installed, started game


CE-34787-0 and a complete PS4 shutdown.



Anyone know what this refers to?


During a recent blueprint discussion with the developers the conversation covered the ability for players to build and edit things in the sanctum because the sanctum sits in a special area of the game and not liked to things. I would assume this and other things is what was meant. Or at least a possibility. Nothing confirmed.


Sanctum editor think we gonna be able to build prefab in sanctum later on


Is it working if you try again? If not can you click “Send Report” after the crash and I’ll have a look at it.


If i select the #all channel should i be receiving every messages from global chat as well?


I was wondering if it meant being able to prefab something and then transfer it to a world.


Minor thing.

I’m changing the floor in my Sanctum, and once the floor is placed down, it can’t be re-broken again :\


That was something we did talk about but it was more in regards to builds and not prefabs. Basically like a more manual building magicvoxel type idea. Of coures this was only a prelim discussion and I don’t know the extent or full plans on where things would go. So I don’t want to over set expectations or commit to something. Obviously it would be a lot of development needed but clearly this shows some way of allowing users to interact more with the sanctum.


Did a few minor sanctum changes, making all the gleam red (where possible)

You have to be careful about where you place things, i find saving regularly is the best solution - sometimes it can be broken again, sometimes it can’t.


Were these blocks that were by chance placed in the water or under an NPC?


This is a known issue with the editor. Save often. When you revert to your last save you will be fine.


I’d accidentally removed a Decorative Meta 1 from the main standing area, one corner side. Replaced it like-for-like, and then was unable to remove it again.


Yeah, took a bit of time, hard disk checking and all that, but after all that I could start the game as normal.

Not sure what that was. Also sent a report to Sony thru the UI about the OS crash…

And I always send a report tho this time I did not have a chance to since the OS crashed right after…




I understand why, but man…another inventory spot.


'bout time they earned money off me offering another two rows of inventory space. :slight_smile:


Updated OP with @Jiivita’s overview video.