Release 221: Chrysominter!


Ah, that makes sense lol. Stupid technology. Always thinking it knows better than us.


Gem chisels can shape Umbris, Blink and Rift so I don’t think it has to do with chisel tier, as I don’t think new tier chisels would allow changing them either - I suspect that not being able to change them is purposeful to make each one more meaningful, since we’re only getting them from Exoworlds at the moment.

But this is only my speculation anyway.


Well there used to be recipes for the chisels. At least according to boundlesscrafting. So maybe or maybe not. Wouldn’t really know till we get them. I figure if we get those chisels it’ll be after at least one of each planet type comes out.


I hear ya, I won’t be able to play until late today myself, haha! First task I think will be to make as many as I can so I can get them on my plinths for any needing them.

If anybody had time, I would be very curious to get at least a partial list of the coin the chrysominter is giving for stuff currently.

Edit: BTW, I wasn’t going to do guild buffs with my new social guild, but… that hammer buff for dirt. Eek. Need.


yay, i can now get rid of the allmost hundredthousand raw yams


600’000 xp


and then the farming or some such update drops which requires a ton of raw yams…
Yes, I’m a hoarder and I will continue hoarding.


Not worth the .01c to do that :sweat_smile:


@catfud @FireAngelDth

well, true :>

Im also a hoarder, i dont even drop the 4 sand that i collected digging down to mining :smiley:


Nothing too exciting in regards to payouts. Probably a tenth of the regular basket prices. E.g. Blood 0.2c instead of 2c, sap at 0.4c instead of 4c, inky leaf at 2c instead of 20c. You get the idea, a fraction of what you can get selling to baskets. Most used will likely be refined rock at 0.1c each or plain rock at 0.02c each.


Thanks, appreciate it! :slight_smile: Better than nothing for the stuff I can’t even give away sometimes, like the rock salt! Or even on the more expensive stuff if I need quick coin. On the rock, that is good to know - it will be better I think to just keep giving mine away as a footfall generator than chrysominting.


Woohoo! I was just talking about how I wish I had a trash can in-game. But the chrysominter is even better, it pays for my trash! :stuck_out_tongue:


Curious, how are the payouts calculated exactly? When I put an item in the chryso it shows a coin amount in the bottom left, but that’s not what you get. I know it doesn’t give much coin & that you shouldn’t put good stuff in there…

I put in 4 helix coils, it showed 2,399,999 coins so I crunched them and got 2,400 coins.


You put in coins until its accumulated 100c worth of coin, then it pays this to you


From what I’m seeing it takes everything and literally pays out when you trigger the 100 coins. If you dump 1k worth of items it dumps 1k in one fell swoop. And does corresponding damage to repair. It sounds like your 2399999 should have shown 2,399.999, maybe? If it shows a comma slot instead of a decimal then that’s probably a typo fix that needs to be addressed though I haven’t seen that yet


Probably. I should have recorded it so I could look at it again.


If you hit the description button(triangle on ps4) it tells you what the item is worth without even needing to go to the minter.


ik…but I like to do things the hard way to make life interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(PC player)


So, with it needing refined blink, umbris and rift that goes that it will be practically impossible for low to mid level players who can’t go to the exoplanets will not be able to have the coils.

At the prices I see in the shopf for the raw blocks and if memory is right you need eight or ten to make one refined block.

We got all hyped up that we could get rid of our yams, rocks, leaves, flint and other items we get stuck with and now we find out we probably won’t be able to make one due to the cost of the coils.

What can it do without the coils? Can it use spark and what can be put in it if only spark?

Right now, unless I hear that it will be easy for low level players to make it and it will give them enough for the cost I see this as another slap in the face of those who need it. The ones who need coins the most, the low and mid level players.

And I am not mid level, I am high level, and I might be able to go and get the bocks but not sure I want to go to all the hassle of buying the hammers and shelling out 12 to 15k coins for a hammer that will last probably just a couple hours.


You can easily make the Chrysominter without coils. It just needs machined copper, timber, the red tech, and gold alloy. You make it on the workbench.