Release 221: Chrysominter!


You don’t need coils to use it, Janna… it isn’t hard to make; it isn’t a slap in the face. If a player is so low in level and skill that they cannot gather or afford the items required to make one, then perhaps they should focus more on progression that getting rid of their surplus…


Fully coiled is a 40% coin bonus max. You can still use the machine by itself with no coils



0.01% of the number on the left?


I usually record new stuff & I didn’t do it this time. I wish I could see it again Regrets :frowning:


I was at G. Mall last night hoping to find some trophies for sale at a reasonable price. The spitter scales that I could get for 40 c at the highest is now from 100c to 150, maybe higher. Cores, they were priced from 350 to 500.

Who in their right mind would sell a core for that cheap price? And if they do sell them I doubt they are in their right mind they could get more selling them to request baskets.


I’ve pulled about 10,000c using the Chrysominter so far. Cleared out a bunch of stones, minerals, and low level tools from my workshop and turned an alts temp beacon in to coin instead of moving everything. It doesn’t pay much for each item but it will add up.


Some people get them like candy, if you hunt a lot. I usually have a ton. The only trophy that is worth a lot is the feather.


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i dont see the point in fraction selling if it just rounds up in favor of the shop owner unless you are a bulk seller


Good for selling rock, rock salt, yams, soils, raw meats, cooked meats/yams


That’s the point, the system is the way it is so that there is incentive to sell useful items to other players, instead of the machine. This should really be seen as a machine that will, over time, give you a bit of a bonus for throwing junk/unwanted items into it.

I don’t think having or not having the coils is a big deal, personally. I still find the machine useful, and as @Venom and @Toumashii said, you can use the machine without coils, and it doesn’t need spark.

Janna, if you’d like me to give you a couple of the coin machines at no cost, just let me know. :slight_smile:


Shimmering Orbs mint for more than Shadow Orbs…I find that this is a little… odd considering how Shadow Orbs are probably worth more than Shimmering Orbs.

It’s also odd that Small Fossils mint for more coin than Large Fossils.

Some of these values make very little since. It’s something at least.


What is the price on small fossils? Thanks!


Small Fossil has a Mint value of 0.7c. Large Fossil has 0.3c.

Both aren’t hard to get but you clearly get more small than large. I would think the large is worth more since you can mass craft in the extractor to get more out of it than a small fossil.

Anyways, it’s just an observation.


Thanks! Hmm, perhaps that could be a bone thrown to the newbies? (Pardon the pun) That is something that newcomers will mine a lot of, after all, and don’t sell for too much, the request baskets I do see are low - but with the chrysominter at that price, targeting those could help a new player build some funds.


That’s not how the minter works. It’s probably based off the prices that are placed on items in shop stands and request baskets… does some bizarre math using some weird formula and spits out a mint value. I suspect the more steps it takes to refine the end product the less mint value it will be. This isn’t to suggest you should be minting diamond hammers for 200c each but rather things like Refined Rock or possibly even wood too. I’d have to run around people’s shops looking at the different mint values of items.

I think this is running off Shop Stand and Request Basket data and that suggests people could potentially manipulate the entire Chyrsominter across the whole game if enough people do it. Although, this is just 100% a theory.


Interesting, thanks!


They(orbs) sell for about the same amount on a shop stand.


Shadow Orb for 3.8c mint value and Shimmering Orb for 4.8c doesn’t seem like it reflects that IMO. If it really is being based off all shop stands and request baskets, then the limited sample size any one of us can gather across the game wouldn’t reflect this either.

Granted, I haven’t been running around in people’s shops so I am probably extremely wrong on this.