Release 221: Chrysominter!


Not a slap in the face works well as a trash can and supplement for cash. This idea that you should be feed easy money is disheartening.


Nevermind, I think it makes sense Shimmering Orbs would mint for more than Shadow. You can simply craft like 3 or 4 times as many things with Shimmering Orbs… so the demand is higher. That makes 100% now that I looked more into it.


That’s 10% of the value of the being sold on shop stands. Shadow orbs are easy to find at 40 and under. Shimmering orbs are usually around 40-50


What makes it easy money? I have to go out and farm the materials, is it not the same as selling it to a request basket as far as effort? Is that easy money also?


I am running around in Gyosha Mall right now and just from what I’ve seen, that hasn’t been consistent.

I will take your word on it since you’ve been playing more consistently than me.


I also don’t really shop in the gyosha mall anymore. Prices tend to be semi higher there


Had a look into those values, i think it is that the Large and Small Fossils are the wrong way around (will fix with the next price update).
As for the Orbs question, our analytics show that the average sale price for Shimmering is higher than shadow


Well it’s the first place that came to mind. I don’t normally go and window shop and price check. Even back when I ran a shop I didn’t really doing that.


whats the the mint on chrysominters i bought to many :smile:


I refer to the people crying that is is not giving them thousands of coin lol


It will be interesting if this is true. Lets say the price is roughly 10% of market. . so rocks go to .1 coin. The request baskets lower prices based on this to .5 coin so the coin machine price drops to .05 coin. The request basket drops to .1 coin and the coin printer drops to .01c per. It could be an interesting cycle if the mint price is based on some formula.


I think a large percentage of the people who put stuff in baskets and stands need to do that. It could be based off one over the other. I don’t think it’s based on purchasing behavior of buyers and sellers cause I don’t think it’s that complex of a system.


Did not see anyone crying about that, the post you replied certainly did not say that.


@rossstephens am, I correct in thinking that the prices are updated or overseen by “hand” to prevent market manipulation of the mint values? I’m guessing you use something to predict the value it should be currently, and then make a human judgment to decide whether that makes sense as a final value or not?


we could test it but it could get messy. . put out request baskets at .01 coin per rock or even better coils and see what it does. . hopefully you are right and there is some form of sanity check.


Yeah cause if it’s all automatic, then someone with enough plots could basically kill the economy for certain items in the game by just placing hundreds of shop stands and request baskets in the locked buildings that are just those things. That would be a really big waste of time for someone to do but it would be cool to see how the system reacts to it.

Kind of like purposefully breaking the system to prove a point.


I would never do that (starts crafting 1000 request baskets)

Edit: Actually the easy way around this for the developers (I think) is to base it off actual sells/ buys and not the advertised price. It would take a lot more manipulation by the players to mess up the system.


I’d imagine things would actually have to be sold at that price to the baskets to affect anything. Just like items being sold. Wouldn’t be able to inflate it without the shop standing selling the items. You’d lose more money to taxes doing that over what you could get the item to sell for in the minter.

Just setting a price in a request basket or shop stand should have any effect on it. Things still have to be sold to influence the market.



Well I just want to get back into the game. This thing might be worth it since I can burn through stacks of rocks fairly easy. Could pay for the warp costs of using warp conduits or sanctum warps to saved locations. At least that’s something.

I am going to reserve my opinion of this thing after I’ve used it for a while. I think that’s a pretty fair thing to do.


yeah I thought of that after I posted of course

edit: cancels crafting 1000 request baskets