Release 221: Chrysominter!


If everyone raised their stone prices to 2000c… would that make us all be able to make a boat ton of money?


We don’t know that for sure.


But we also don’t know it… That would literally require everyone though I think. A man can dream.


I think you’d have to buy and sell a very large quantity to an alt so that a sale is actually recorded. You’d lose a bunch of tax money tho.


That’s true. If it’s off the actual sale then that’s different. Perhaps just raising things to 8c would be better since tax isn’t cut out of it. Forgot about the tax.


I will probably hold off using the coin machine. As sure as I cash in my flint, I will need it to make tools for farming and irrigation systems and who knows what else.


Good point. We don’t know what Farming recipes are going to require.


Does anyone know or checked to see if the spark and wear helix buff also affects the Chrysominter
As it is a new “machine”?


Okay, now that I’ve had a chance to play around with it a bit, I absolutely LOVE the Chrysominter.
Fangtastic job, team. Cheers! :100:



I can’t believe some of the things people want to throw away. That aside, look for opportunity here too.

Wax is .4c

Waxy Earthyam is .4c

18 Waxy earthyam = 100 wax.

So i think a lot of people will see .4c on the yam and burn the extra coins and the experience, too.


This is just a market condition. Shadow orbs are far more common and cheaper to harvest than shimmers. But right now everyone wants to be in regen farms and it’s more common to regen farm growth than whatever block drops shadows, so you’re buying shadows (mostly) from people that actually forage them.

Also, one of the first things that will change for balance (i guess) is the fact that this thing pays .5c per growth right now. So you can expect a flood of shimmers until they rebalance.

.5C per growth!


In my experience it is definitely easier to “farm” shimmering orbs and “harvest” shadow orbs. Corruption isn’t nearly as efficient to mass farm as growth and waxcaps are very dense where they can be found.


The Chrysominter is super simple to craft and works without coils, as all machines do. It doesn’t use spark. Even if you attach the max number of coils you’re only getting 40% more coin out of it, not a monumental upgrade since it outputs very little to begin with. Honestly, unless you use the living heck out of it, it’s probably not cost efficient to craft the coils.

It’s essentially a recycling bin, that’s it.


It’s not the easy money, but I was hoping it would worth it taking up space in inventory. But I don’t think it is. I will make one but feel that it won’t be as helpful as I had thought.

I need coin, I will admit that, but I just don’t think it will give enough coin for me to let some items take up space. If I forget to toss them, like I did today while gathering, I will just toss them into the minter.

I also am fine with having around 30k coins, when I get to that I go shopping for items I can’t get and spend around 15k did that a few days ago,.

I also don’t mind taking two, three or even long to collect items such as gems and ores. Am going to have to nag at my son to go with me to level 6 planets to help me get the trophies, but I won’t need a lot for the centraforge, I won’t be selling what I make.


Appreciate the offer, but I will give it a try and see how much it will help me and if I need coils. Maybe the prices will go down where I can afford them or I can make a trade for them.

Emotionally, mentally today is a bad day, I’m bipolar and cycling down, so more negative than usual. Hadn’t planned on posting any as I was afraid I would be really hatefully to someone and not mean to.


@james Quality of life suggestion for the Chrysominter…

Give us multiple slots to add things to it so we can add like 8 smart stacks of rocks or gravel or dirt blocks and then be able to click the button to mint everything at once into coin. That would be a huge time saver.


yea at the rates the mahcine will be buying its still more worth it to just stick with the same mineing methods and have stone despawn on the floor then haul it off to maybe make pocket change


I’ve put some thought into this. I sure wold like it in a campfire, but it’s basically instant so Ifigure even if I’m carrying a beacon, fuel, a chrysominter and a wrench (4 slots) i can drop a mining camp in my current hotspot, and mint rocks.

The two extra slots while mining (the wrench and extra beacon fuels) will be a trade off but it would lead me to less random mining around and being more thorough in a given area.

The time and extra fiddling around and effort though lol. It sounds lazy but tbh in the end I might not bother either. We’ll see. I know i can bring home 50 - 60k rocks with at least a +1400 dura diamond hammer.

50k rocks at 0.02c per rock is 1000 coins. So odds are I’ll do it a time or two to mess around and then start throwing rocks on the floor again (if I don’t need the colors) too.

With a similar tool, if you stick to the growth layer, you’re talking about at least 25k coins worth of growth. This means 25k coins for hauling it to the minter, the tool has paid for 2 new tools(or more) and all buffs to use them, and you’re standing there with stacks of shimmering orbs in your little oortian paws.

This number could be low I’ve never farmed a full high durability shovel worth of growth at once.

I asked if this thing would be adjusted on the fly or at patches and was told “tbd”. There’s already (IMO) good call for some on the fly balancing. I think the growth thing is funny but I’m only going to spend so much time testing random stuff. I’m sure others will find poorly balanced items and not share the info.

Like the ability to craft 7.2c worth of yams into 40c worth of wax.

Managing a controlled economy is a big choice. This is going to be interesting.

If it’s a week to rebalance expect lines at the growth farms. If something better isn’t announced :wink:


I did find out about growth pretty quickly once the patch dropped, but then I also did have a skim through the knowledge tab to see what a few different things I’d be likely to gather were worth.

The mint value may also factor in how much of goods are stockpiled somewhere… We don’t really know how it works, and I suppose it’s probably best that we don’t. But I imagine not half as much growth was stockpiled as rock and stone…

Either way, if coin loses value, prices may simply go up to compensate, since people may want more money’s worth for the goods they sell, especially if things are now selling too quickly and they aren’t producing new stock as fast.

The thing is, if we discover and don’t mention seemingly “broken” methods publicly, it’s not too different from applying a sort of secretive quantitative easing; in that case, coin can retain value and goods can remain being sold at the same price until the supply-demand dynamic shifts.

I’m not necessarily trying to say that the “economy will sort itself out”, but personally I now feel able to put up request baskets and pay for things I wouldn’t want to bother paying for before, and I’ll be paying more than they are worth in the coin machine anyway. I’ve seen people worry about more deflation, but I think it’s more inflation that’s coming up, which might not be bad at this time. That will depend on what each player feels like doing with their trading habits though.

Either way, our own personal speculations are completely uninformed, as only the devs can hold all the key info to better predict what might happen, so I can really just see it going either way. :slight_smile:


I do hope that as a group we move in a different direction.