Release 221: Chrysominter!


You’re probably right that it’s not a good direction. I was about to post a different one in that other thread of yours in a second, but thanks for the link. :slight_smile:


It’s based off current server economic demand I think?


Luckily, with the changef regen bomb, you can just evict them. :slight_smile:


I LOL’d. Yeah, they said this.

Then they looked at the shopstands of growth for 0 coins, the thousands and thousands of stacks sitting in storage, and said “this is obviously in high demand”? I’m not saying there isn’t a system, maybe it’s inverse supply/demand. For now it just looks a little random.

Also ancient corruption being 1.5c as someone said in another thread might help with the crowding lol.

Still plenty of surprises in this thing I’m sure.


There are tons of growth areas besides farms. At any rate I make more money selling the orbs than I do the growth, it’s just nice to be able to make some money from an item instead of outright throwing it away.

Creating a market where there currently is none. I don’t have a problem with that. And watch, some folks are likely right about growth and it’ll get used in farming. It’ll be worth more to sale at a shop stand then.

But until we have recipes for items like growth and corruption to create a market for them, I don’t see anything wrong with the way things are at all. I certainly don’t think growth farms are going to become some crazy breadline deal. That’s pretty sensationalized.


I wish we had a universal Chrysomintation counter. I’m curious how many items are flying off shelves right now!

(I cleared about 40k coin worth of growth off mine, no meteor tower building for me!)


@james would it be possible to get a monthly report of what/how many items were dispatched to the ether of the chrysominter?

It’d be a fun little piece of monthly information I think, personally.


p.s. The little animations for the Chryso are cool!


It is, but just a little. Growth was a complete waste, and a burden. It’s not insignificant that you can make over 2x ROI (in current market prices) for the waste material now - when the activity itself and the target loot was already profitable.

This has large implications for the orb price.

It’s also of interest to forgers. If a +1k dura shovel is practically guaranteed to harvest 18 - 20k worth of growth we may see some forgers that would like to make a little more of what they perceive as a ‘fair’ piece of the pie as well.

Then how long will they wait after the orb price hits target (i can only assume that’s the goal with this set of prices) until they change it back?

Maybe changes will come so fast it won’t be worth anyone in auxiliary markets (tools, buffs, whatever) trying to adjust pricing, shop stands, and all to reflect the current chrysominter meta.

I don’t farm a lot of growth but I farm a lot of rock and wood I don’t think I’m using ridiculous or even exaggerated numbers here I’m being conservative.

I have to say I was thinking of this thing as a trash can. I’m definitely not any more - with the numbers coming off of the chrysominter it’s not a tool of last resort. It’s an economic force and a ready employer.

With an actual high durability shovel and a proper farmer setup, you’re not spending money to try and harvest orbs any more. You can buy the best tools and eat all the buffs and you’re still getting paid extra just to take the orbs.

I don’t know how long that will last, or how often they will rebalance it over to another area. Of course.

However I hope the point can get through to those who will be laser focused on the price of some raw material they had stockpiled and complain that they aren’t getting enough coins for it.

Ancient corruption is at 1.5c apparently and hardly anybody farms shadows that way. There is zero recipe for corruption or demand that I know of other than building with it. It doesn’t make immediate sense to me obviously however apparently sanctumbro needs a few stacks. Which is fine but it’s also (shadow orbs) one of the last items best foraged.

Apparently we’re going to get payed to farm them for a bit. I do wonder what other surprises are coming. So I guess part of my wonder isn’t just regarding a particular price or the balance point of a given item.

This changes the nature of the game. I like teasing about the orb farms but yeah, it’s not going to be the key issue here except to fuel some repetitive cries of “unfair” if people aren’t made explicitly aware of the numbers.

I mean, this isn’t “paying people who can afford to AoE” - which seems to be one major imbalance around here that causes a lot of complaint. This is definitely “paying people enough to AoE farm.”

Literally i have so many thoughts about this rolling around I’d never post this if I just keep typing. But I am very surprised this is not what I was expecting. Except for the part about rocks not being worth stuffing into the machine, lol.


You wrote a lot and I don’t have time right now to reply to each point but I will say that I farm the ever living poo out of corruption for my shadow orbs.

And as for forging, as someone who does forge but just doesn’t sale his tools, I don’t think a lot of forgers will mind too much. More money means more mats so inflation will occur regardless. This is standard economics.

Personally, even though it’s barely been 12 hours the chrysominter was designed in a way that I personally thought it should be done as. It’s like they took the idea out my head and created it.

We will certainly see some prices fall and rise because of new markets being created, inflation occurring (much needed in some cases) because more money is going to change hands more freely now.

If they update the chrysominter regularly to try to stay in tune with the live market then I think we might see a pretty stable market growth period and things won’t get wacky too quickly. But this is a sandbox and we will always seek to break the tools they give us ina way that benefits us.


What I don’t want to see is them and tangle and thorns being just added to recipes for the sake of adding them to a recipe. It would be nice to see all new recipes for them. Something mechanical looking for corruption would be cool, like a corrupted LED block or something of the sort. Not sure on that one.

I do think people who want to min-max their coin income will utilize the Chrysominter pretty effectively. I’ve already been sharing my thoughts on my limited discoveries with the guild I am in. What I don’t know is if there’s a better coin source with the minter than the one I found. Right now though, I am going to keep the idea to myself until I do more digging.

One thing I did notice is Warp Conduit is worth 0c in the Chrysominter. Blame meteors for that but it does make sense.


I’ve taken to regen farms for a couple of things. Shadow orbs are so plentiful I still gather them for sale and personal use. I had to be reminded which block dropped them so yeah, people are definitely coming at this from different directions.

I was hoping that this would in some way be supportive of foraging as a profession but, alas it seems quite the opposite. That’s a side note though to players being able to earn the coins they need to participate in the economy and the transport system from purely PVE activities. Coffer coins have you covered, if you know how to apply them up to a point but this is an aspect or normal MMORPG gaming that’s been missing from boundless.

Yes and with PVE coin generation the classic race to inflate the MMO economy is fully on. I’m honestly not trying to be negative, but it’s often seen as a negative of the genre. It has a certain familiar comfort though and people want that.

For me the transition will be more interesting than either state. YMMV


May I ask why?


There’s a corruption farm in one of the PS hubs that I prefer. Has like 5 trees I think. Can’t rmemeber the name though. Could be a bobs farm, I dunno :man_shrugging:


Cause I want to know whether or not it’s the ideal “method” since it involves a lot of preparation to pull off on a large scale. The less people that know about it the better odds I can rush to that point (cause I am no where near able to do it on a level I want to do it at) and see if it’s worth it.

No matter how much you make from the thing having a high traffic shop will yield more coin.


I see it’s dangerous to discuss this.Good luck getting your answers.


It will be used in farming. James hinted at it. I don’t remember what post it was on but I do have a cropped photo that I sent to my guild of it.


That sounds great then! The chrysominter payout will look like peanuts then and we’ll have a new market for growth so it will have an actual value. People will make fun of all of us who sold our growth now but I’ll just be looking at all the growth I still have horded because you farm such a stupid amount of it when shimmer farming.


Found the post.

@Lord-Proteus think it’s a safe bet to not get rid of your growth


I guess I don’t understand the harm in getting rid of the stuff you have now when you’ll have replaced it 10 fold before the farming update even arrives.