Release 221: Chrysominter!


Lol what I have now of growth is maybe 300. I don’t collect orbs. Flint and rock salt was discarded tho.


I’m chuckling about the growth.

I can’t imagine if it had to be plotted 8 growth deep to grow a crop - you could harvest enough growth to fill a plot 8x8x8 in about 10 seconds or something. So much more efficient that IMO it might be more attractive to farm growth for the chrysominter than to farm corruption, that’s so inefficient.

With profit margins approaching or exceeding 100% selling basic stuff to this thing I’m farming shop stands for lulz at the moment.


I mean for me growth is like a weed. I literally dropped 30 smart stacks the night before the patch while I was farming shimmers. So instead of throwing the growth on the ground, I dropped a beacon and a chrys and just throw my growth away in the minter instead of the ground.


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[COMPLETE] Besevrona offline - devs aware and investigating
BUG: Request Basket change price error

Gems and ores are not really long to collect, not in the AOE hammer meta we live in lol. An hour of mining can easily get you 1 or even 2 mass crafts of gem. I will say it is harder than it was to collect them now than during the bomb mining era.


Assuming a player has an AOE hammer. This seems to be a much repeated response that it is easy as long as you have an end game tool and most of the time there are additional references to using persisting pies. If this is the way we are supposed to play and not with lower tier tools then why even do the other tools exist? if the only way to correctly or efficiently to play the game is to use AOE tools, then they should not be end game at all? Maybe they should be no harder to craft than an iron hammer is.


At no point did I say correct way to play but it is, by far, the most efficient. Aoe hammers are not easy to make and they are deservedly powerful. The effect of these hammers is to give access to gem to players who do not have the hammers. You can buy compacted gem for less than ore and refined for less than compact. Keeping to a less efficient method and complaining that there are more efficient methods is rubish.


This I agree with you. the AOE tool is 900% better than its none AOE equivalent.

I think that depends on why the person is making the complaint. Should a new player with equivalent skills (as damage and some of the other skills also matter in how efficient you are) be 900% less efficient because of the tool options they have available? Could this gap be part of the reason the game is unable to reason players and the average number of steam players has not grown with the exception of a brief uptick during the free weekend which has evaporated?


The Chrysominter is definitely a great addition to the game.

Although it just brings me back to the point I made in the past about the roadmap (Roadmap: Poles and Beams!), because the Chrysominter kinda came out of nowhere, and the Farming update could be the update 222 or 223 or beyond, we don’t know.
I really really REALLY hope the farming update is next, so we can start doing things with water and lava, but I also hope even more that the devs will work on a better roadmap method.


I think the hunter update will come first just because that has been worked on for awhile but i do hope that farming is next.


What is wrong with the current “method” as you’ve seen it? What would make it better?

Edit: i just read your other post! Ignore me :>


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Different Devs work on different stuff in parallel and some stuff is faster to implement then other.
I imagine farming being a quite big and interlinked system that ties into many aspects of the game, so it takes longer.
The Chrysominter is a small addition that adds a lot of value, so why not push it out in between?
That doesn’t necessarily mean farming takes longer.

But I agree a two-dimensional roadmap like the one on trello could illustrate that work flow better.
On the other hand on trello is little room to explain new concepts and big picture stuff … so maybe we need both? :smile:


Just so you are aware the Chrysominter has been in the works since like Christmas. James mentioned it to me during a call a very long time ago and if I remember right before Guilds was released… They were slowly working on it.


So like the machine for using at a farming station, like glossy berry farm you get so many foliage, so I only use it to put excess stuff I don’t need or have space for.


@Kirinvar To the first part of what you said : that wasn’t my point. I don’t mind the Chrysominter being released before or after anything. But I mind not knowing what to expect the next release to be because we don’t have a proper roadmap.

@Xaldafax Whether or not devs work on different things, whether or not the Chrysominter was planned since before Xmas, I’ll say it again and again, those are not reasons to make a proper roadmap to transparently inform people on what the devs are doing. It’s good to showcase what’s new to the player when he logs in, but there should be an in-game roadmap page to show the things that are seriously being worked on. It would be in their best interest to do that, and it wouldn’t cost much to do it.

I would wadger that a lot of players are leaving because they’re not properly informed on what’s coming (I know a lot of those myself - as a matter of fact, 90% of the friends I started playing the game with left because of boredom). I’m sure A LOT of people would be interested to know that there’s new furniture, creature-themed-totems and ladders being (slowly) developped. It would make them think “oh, well then, I’ll stay longer!”.
But you can’t assume that all the playerbase will come on the forum (I know a lot who won’t register because that’s already too much committment for them - I’d argue that it’s not as much their problem as it is a dev problem) and expect them to read all the devblog threads that are covered in dust until suddenly something sprouts out of them into the News section.


Updated OP with details of a PS4 only hotfix.

Ps4 update?

Hey @james! Are exo world’s okay? We thought there might be one…but still none showing up. And we saw the hot fix in the notes mention them. Will we be getting anymore soon or?


I can reproduce a massive frame rate drop every time on the PS4 when at a build spot on sorissi.

If I have my back towards a specific location, and bring up my inventory so that my character is standing there and the inventory is on the right, it skips and stutters and I have to wait for it to get out of the inventory and turn around and reaches the inventory bag again.

It’s really insane how bad it is but it’s only in that one area doing that one action. For building it sucks so I’ve switched to playing the PC account more as a result. My oldest can stand in the same spot on her character and not experience the issue at all. Her PS4 is an OG first year model, sounds like a jet turbine - no issues. Mines a newer model(not pro or slim) and it does have that repeatable frame loss issue.


And since about 45 minutes I keep getting booted to login screen and end up in sanctum. Sometimes with the error that connection was lost with the game servers other times that one of my characters is still connected to a world.

Happend four time in a short time period…