Chrysominter Hot Tips

OK I was posting some of my findings in the release notes thread and thought we need a thread for this. For those who are willing, please share your chrysominter tips here.

To start I’m talking about financial imbalance (easy money) for sure. But also whatever comes up, a good place to have one, whatever you notice that makes the newChrysominter easier, or more profitable, for you to use.

First tip is purely financial, growth is currently .5c :tada:

Growth is plentiful and we all have regen bombs. Sharing is caring and the only thing I could theoretically gain by keeping this ‘secret’ would be to hold someone else back.

I’m stating this really plainly here not because growth was going to stay secret (there’s so many stacks around) but to help encourage more posting and a culture of sharing these things as helpful tips rather than being seen as a competitive edge between players (PVP)

This is very much a PVE situation, in my opinion. I’d rather help a time limited player get these coins into the economy than to force them to spend their limited time trying to figure out what’s good to sell this week, or whatever.

Next post is a different tip, and another situation to look out for.


I’m at work so I don’t have the exact numbers, but don’t throw tallow in, Craft it in to fresh vital essence first.

Ancient corruption sales for 1.5c . You farm corruption for shadow orbs so having somewhere to sale corruption to is nice also. I’ve had thousands for sale at 20c and no one ever bought much so I just took that (and other stands) down and horded.

Next tip:

Check the crafted output before you sell a raw material.

Both wax and raw waxy earthyams mint for .4c right now.

18 raw waxy earthyam extract into 100 wax.

I just bought out a shop stand of 10265 waxy earthyams at 1c each. I’ll extract 570 batches of wax. I don’t know how much experience this will be but yay for having 20+ extractors!

57,000 wax will mint for 22,800c. For 10265c spent on yams. I don’t know how much experience I’ll get for 570 batches of wax but it will also put my main into extraction point 5 feat and pay me 7700 coins or whatever that is.

Don’t feed you waxy earthyams to this machine. Or any raw material until you have explored it up the crafting tree a little bit.


I know it’s not as easy to gather as growth but that’s a surprise.


80k this morning off it

Some of these items just need recipes

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1 xp per wax.


Yea, im holding off on putting all the growth in the machine incase it’s needed in farming.

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Too easy to gather while shim farming.


Very true but my hoarding side won’t let it go :smile:


I don’t think any of the methods are going to stay secret, not for long anyway, like you say.

Ancient Essence. It takes a long time to craft, but if you already have a lot stockpiled, it is worth a decent amount if you are not going to be using it for anything.

Large Fossils are easy to come by, and a mass craft only needs 18 fossils (0.3c/u * 18 = 5.4c worth) to make 250 ancient essence (2.8c/u * 250 = 700c worth) The caveat is requiring power and a very long crafting time.

Medium Fossils, alternatively, require 18 fossils (0.5c/u * 18 = 9c worth) to make 100 ancient essence (2.8c * 100 = 280c worth). They require no power, only spark, and less time, but you can easily have more machines processing medium fossils if power is a difficulty for you and spark isn’t.

Not the best, but it’s very passive and guarantees an income if you can be bothered to set it up. *Well, until any mint value changes occur of course. :slight_smile:


Mine went right in, these things consume inventory space at a rate of tens of thousands per hour.

I’d rather farm another a few k for some plants, since I’ll need the orbs anyways, than be sitting on tens or hundreds of stacks when they go to .02c like rocks. Rocks aren’t even a waste material the XP from crafting them is worth more than the mint price.

Quite a gamble. Good luck :smile:

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This is crazy. The new blocks did lead to a glut though I’ve got something like 35 stacks of ancient vital and it’s not selling quick for 3c any more. 2.8c is very tempting.


Who knows, the price for it in the minter may even go higher if we all get rid of all the essence. :sweat_smile: (No, I don’t really believe that, but it remains to be seen)

Though the update notes did say that the machine was supposed to create a market for unwanted goods, in a way…

Anyway, I personally don’t need so much ancient essence since I don’t make decorative marble or stuff like that. I only need it for the occasional enriched bonding agent mass, though this has been a good incentive to make more of that while I’m processing some fossils and getting more shimmering orbs anyway. :crazy_face:

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36 mantle @ 5c = 180c

100 Fresh vital for 180c to the chrysominter for 2.4c each is 240c.

There’s some spark cost but depending on how you get it it’s negligible. Mantles are disappearing from shop stands all over so I guess at times of change there is a bit of a PVP element.

I’m still finding them for 3c and I haven’t even started on the tens of thousands available for 4c. I probably won’t.

36 mantle @4c = 144c though and it makes 240c worth of essence. I might.

Boulder rings go for a whopping 1c. Other boulder types go for the same. Their drops come in a little higher or lower: saltpetre (3c), olivine (1.5c), Cobalt (.7c), sulphur (.5c), and opal (.5c), rock salt (.2c), and Flint (.1c).

Whole plants also come in at 1c. Whole plants and boulders should be significantly higher than their drops due to their decorative value.


I was surprised by this too. I have a hard time pricing plants for sale due to the variable loot values vs decor but it seems that the chrysominter is also full of ways to throw away opportunity.


Glad I saved all that growth, new it would be useful for something sooner or later, just turned it into 100k


I would rather have coin than sit on a ton of junk items. At least with that coin you’d be able to get things you need to craft into items that you can sell to another player and continue to grow in wealth. Sitting on tons of items is the same as just sitting on a ton of coin and not doing anything with it.

He who controls the flow of coin, controls the universe. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll just be here in me money bin, then.



Personally, I hardcore horde items. I would only ever use the Chrysominter if I specifically needed coin for something that I didn’t already have.