Release 225: Farming!

I usually take a light source with me when I go gathering mats, or the rare times I go mining for something. When I go mining, it’s pitch black dark because there are no light sources regardless of it being day or night.

Some light sources:
Light boon (up to 9m) <–can be built in to any tool or weapon.
Gem torches (so bright they’re annoying sometimes lol)
Carry a piece of white gleam in one hand

If you don’t have any white gleam, any torches, or any equipment with light, I can bring you one of each so you can see if they will help.

Dont forget, carried lava now also acts as a light source! it’s a very warm glow, love it

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Here are some examples showing how much light these give off:

:flashlight: 1st pic shows that I am in a 100% dark area:

:candle: 0.13m light on a hammer:

:sunny: A white diamond torch:

:izakaya_lantern: Holding lava in your hand:

:low_brightness: Holding white refined gleam in your hand:

I like using a basic torch when mining below alt 16 so I can see the warning glow of lava behind blocks.

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Yes those are handy. :+1: Sometimes I use a basic ole warp block in my hand so I can see the lava glow. Just enough light, but not too much.

I was showing the better light sources though bc she said she was on land and having issues seeing plants, holes in the ground, etc. I figure she wants/needs as much light as possible.

Glow, loot magnet totem works best for me, if you put a warp augment in it then you can’t use it accidentally to hit things with :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s never enough light to see the holes in the grounnnnnnnnnnddddddddd oops

Mining isn’t too bad, I have the light source on the skills pages to help me see. And I was able to do okay before the changes.

But, now, with my night blindness, I can’t see much at night when outside and I doubt torches or such would help that much, especially when I get attacked by critters.

The hoppers, spitters are generally dark colored and at night it is really hard for me to see them. Running around on Bessy last night I was being followed by the high level spitters, ones that shot bombs that open up and have more bombs. I was able to get high were the bombs couldn’t reach me, but I couldn’t see where they were and they were bouncing around so much I couldn’t get a fix on them. Hoppers, I could hear them, but couldn’t see them.

Before, I could get enough to have a idea of where they were at so I could avoid them, see them in the distance so I could switch directions. And I have no problem in making torches, gems ones, but I want a slingbow in one hand and a fist in the other, to be ready to fight when attacked, and I will get attacked often.

I have one skill page that focuses mainly on hunting and the other skill page on gathering. But I still have to have some of each on them. When gathering mats for the forge, I not only need spicy beans, I also need sacs, eyes and other things. I can’t miss the chance to get some when those critters are around.

My night blindness makes it where I can’t see, where the dark is too dark for me and I have to go to the sanctum to stay alive in some areas. When on glacier, ice or light color sand and no hills blocking light, I can gather fairly easy. Running around looking for spotted mushrooms, glowing mushrooms, looking for other items I need, night time, impossible in hilly areas.

I’m losing time to play and it is taking the fun out of the game when I have to run to the sanctum to get away from critters I used to be able to avoid, hide and kill.

Mining, no problem unless where there is dark rocks, and that would be even in the daytime. Outside, horrible, and in some locations impossible to see where I am going or what is around me.

It would be nice if you could take another look at the necessary light of the plants. I do not want to have to illuminate every room with extremely bright light or very close sources of light, just so that the growth comes to 100%. The current range of the light sources is quite short, which severely limits my freedom of construction. I do not want to build ugly structures just to make them efficient. Especially the cave plants look much better in the dim light and fit so much better to their original environment.