Release 225: Farming!


Yeah, even though I live on Kol Huroo, what I really wanted out of this system was a fair amount of luminous red sprays to use for making mosaic in that colour easier, but no such luck. Type-changing will remain easier and probably cheaper for me to do, within the foreseeable future.


It’s already a miracle if you can find anything to paint, since it’s so restrictive to begin with. :confused:


Maybe refining takes some of the magic out of the gleam?


I thought it was only a speed bonus for maturity time, sorry about that :sweat_smile:


So is the lighting going to have any more tweaks or is this it?


I have been wondering about the lighting myself. Especially during hunts when it can get pretty dark. As much as I appreciate the adjustments made with the settings they weren’t generous enough. I don’t have young eyes.


Gleam lanterns shorten grow time, refined does too but not as much…


Yeah, I got that, but it’s still absolutely not worth it. Would you really reduce your crop yield to have a mere 20% speed increase? These things are grown in about 2 days!
I’m already back at natural gleam.


Good question, @FireAngelDth, especially wondering about the look of the marble, way too wet and because of that I’m reluctant to use it in anything new. In fact if it stays like this I might need to make changes and rarely use it from now on.

But I have another question too!

Is goo getting anymore tweaks or is this how it will stay? I would love an answer to that, quite a few people have stated they don’t like how it is currently and quite frankly if it’s not changing I will not bother with it much and will most certainly not start selling it. The amount of time you need to put into it makes prices high and all for one single block to colour…


It’s simple : marble looks like ice, right now.


Yes, yes it does. If it stays like this I will start using ice for walls and pillars instead, much cheaper and easier to get!


Ha ha, nobody would tell the difference!
“Oooowh, what a cool marble monolith you made!”
“Yes. Yes it is.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I think the lighting is still a little too dark and the contrast a little too high plus glass beside water needs slightly more transparency with the pattern reduced a tiny bit. Swimming underwater during the day looks fantastic it just needs the view through glass to get closer to that. Due to some materials now looking darker I’m considering having to change all my flooring to a lighter material to tone down the contrast.


I barely play anymore because of the light and marble changes. No desire to build in the current conditions. So I dove back into destiny 2 and picked up the forager.


On the topic of lights, I have no idea how your place looks now, but I find mine to be back at an acceptable state. I’d say some objects could be artificially made lighter (like the machines, spark generators, etc).
The gleam emissive texture seems even too bright now, while the place around it isn’t as well lighted as before. That’s a very weird result. But it’s acceptable (to me).

I think they should reduce the values of their emissive textures for refined gleam. It almost hurts my eyes, currently.
Then, once they add that chisel feature which would allow us to set how much gleam lights-up a place, we’ll be good.

I hope they do that at the same time they fix the marble look, and at the same time they fix the balancing of goo to make it worth the effort.


I won’t spend time breaking walls or signs to get to my lanterns to set it back to how it once was. That’s no better than just rebuilding. And I don’t like how dark everything is inside and out. Night time is just horrible. No lighting from the moon. I know it wasn’t persay from the moon before but now there’s nothing. And I started changing my lanterns to white gleam lanterns and it wasn’t really making a change just making things whiter instead of brighter. So won’t be doing that either. Some of the colors are good and some aren’t. Red(I’ll have to go back and check which red eventually) brick looks brown at night which shouldn’t be the case. Still can’t really tell the difference between the different black bricks, unless you’re right on top of it.

Needless to say this update has more or less made me stop playing. I went from playing hours each day to maybe 30min if that.


Personally, I have dark balance set to +4 and I am relatively happy with how things are looking both during day time and night time. Overall things look better, to me.

However, I do think nights can be a bit too dark sometimes at the moment, more so if you want to hunt, but I think the way light is hitting blocks, in general, feels more accurate now, apart from some special cases; like marble and metal blocks.

Marble does seem excessively polished/shiny in the case of lighter tints, but darker tints are more or less what I would expect. I think the biggest issue with marble currently is that bit of the bump map that makes it look like it has a crater on it. It just doesn’t look smooth enough, and to be honest, never really has, it’s just more noticeable now with the shininess.

Metal blocks don’t seem to properly reflect nearby light sources, like the titanium seen in the screenshot below; the diamond tool in my hand does, however…

Personally, I can notice tonal differences between Night Orange and Night Green and other Night colours more easily than I could in the past, and I always have my screen brightness relatively low (40-50 vs the maximum of 100). Before the lighting update it took me longer to tell apart those very dark tints in inventory slots.

Where is your build by the way? I would like to have a look for myself. :slight_smile:


I never had a hard time telling the difference with the night blocks. Now when on a shelf they all look black :joy:. But iirc your on pc and I’m on ps4 so I’m using a 4k hdr tv. Not that this game utilizes it let alone the power of the ps4. I have it at +4 as well and the difference between that and 0 is so insignificant it’s not even funny. I have multiple builds across multiple planets. I refuse to go to the other ones to see the mess they are in. Only one place that I really use now because of it. And it’s on Sorissi. Anyone who sees it will say it looks “great” however to how it was and how I like it and it was intended to be is not what it is now. And like I said the white gleam lanterns don’t improve it, so I’m not going to change the 100+ lanterns to them.

Had to redo my hub as well. The original one had over 200 white gleam in it and it was dark. The blocks that were used were white wicker and oxide grey blocks. Not dark blocks.


Are there any farming crops that are more than 1 block in size? Like 2 blocks high?

Will there be any?


In the lighting, I’m now spending most of the night time in the sanctum, or standing inside a building. I can’t see a thing if I am in a area, such as the woods, or running around and there are a lot of hills around me.

Light color sand I an see somewhat okay at night, but was on C. Merika and was in a wood area and a meteorite landed close by, normally I will take it on but I didn’t have time so had to run; almost fell into two different pits. Normally no problem, but on this planet, they have lava not water in them. So, into the Sanctum I went.

Was on Bessy also yesterday, same thing, on the ice I could see okay, had trouble in some areas, couldn’t go running around, but when I headed off to another area to find bitter beans and night time came while I was in the hills, I had to go to the sanctum.

This is really affecting me getting my gathering done for mats, If I have to spend half of my game playing time in the sanctum, I will have to give up some things, I have a shop I have to gather mats for, do cooking I have to gather mats for; then the baking and forging I do. Taking twice the time to gather means I have less time to make the mats to sell.

Which is affecting my ability to Restock my Shop ! ! !

And in setting up request baskets and buying the mats because I can’t go and gather, I’m using up most of my profits.

@james Please do something about the lighting, you are losing players because we Can’t See Where We Are Going ! ! ! ! ! !

Correct wrong word, for some reason I will type not when it should be now sigh