Release 225: Farming!


Release Overview:

The release overview is linked below.

Release Overview Video:

Release Notes:

This Live release collects together all the changes from Testing 224. The details are linked below.

The release contained some lighting issues that are ongoing. These are listed below.

For tracking purposed they’re also inlined:

Release 225.1

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • Crops can now be targeted directly for harvesting / fertilising / HUD display rather than having to target only the block face the crop is attached to. Hitboxes will correctly account for the sloping shapes of the blocks the crops are attached to splitting/shearing hitboxes.
  • Hitboxes for meshes will now account for mesh rotations better.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the tiller tools not accounting for permissions properly.
  • Fix entities (player included) getting trapped in the terrain if stood inside liquid being turned into stone due to lava<>liquid reactions. The entity will be pushed out to an adjacent or nearby suitable empty space.
  • Fix crops that can be planted on Grass, only being plantable on Grass embedded in Silty Soil, and not Grass embedded in Clay or Peaty Soil too.
  • Fixed occasional client crash when standing near another player as they gained or lost a status effect.

Release 225.2:


  • Exposed a Darkness setting allowing players to define their own darkness level.
    • This isn’t a gamma control, which would have brightened the entire screen. But rather a control over the darkness that the game will increase exposure for. Basically making things at night easier to see.
    • If you test this when surrounded by very dark terrain it will have a limited effect. But if balanced with normal green grass and yellow sand then it should make things much more visible.
    • We’ve exposed this because different displays can present different levels of darkness - it’s not possible to have a single balance for all displays.
    • The option is found on PC via: [ESC] -> Main Menu -> Settings -> Graphics -> Display -> Dark Balance
  • Improvements to HDR auto-exposure adjustment to better account for darker levels of lighting; will help in some cases that were too dark even though HDR was able to adjust for it, for example in the sanctum.
  • Additional refinements to the mesh & voxel lighting consistency to make them much closer. The aim is to make the lighting for the same material mesh objects (for example stone storage) and voxels (for example stone) match.
  • Adjusted the bloom algorithm and balance to only bloom bright things. Technically these thresholds shouldn’t be required, but without them the presentation can feel a little blurry. This change attempts to isolate the brighter areas and only bloom these.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the synchronisation of attributes (mainly buffs) between the client and server that was causing a client crash.

Release 225.3:

  • Lava to work as a light-source when held in the player’s hand.
  • Shortened localised versions of View Full Release Notes to fit text box.
  • Fix for forge sometimes showing the an item from the previously viewed forge in its queue.
  • Fix for attributes not being set up correctly on the forge possibly causing client misprediction of the applied boons.
  • Fixing goo crop rendering in some tighter sloped environments rendering the crop again inverted 1 block below.
  • Fixed not getting XP/progression for harvesting crops after change to allow targeting crops directly for interaction.
  • Edited sort to sought in Juicy Starberry Seed description.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by using an undo-chisel on grass blocks in certain configurations; these cases will now correctly either remove the long-grass part or convert the grass to soil as appropriate based on the rules for where grass is valid to exist.

Improving Graphics Rendering
Improving Graphics Rendering
[Completed] 25 Exotic Earthyam Bulb (seed) Giveaway! Guess a number between 1 - 224. Ends in 24 hours!

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Updated OP with details of 225.1. The main changes were fixing the mesh lighting and introducing direct crop collision meaning that you can harvest crops by targeting them directly rather then the block they’re planted in.

Lighting in Release 225 Status

Oh wow… I went seed hunting this evening and I just thought my aim was getting better (apparently it’s not :laughing:)


Brightness/Gamma settings would probably help with night blindness, nyctalopia. Most PC users should be able to change that on their PC, not in game but settings in the graphics driver.


gamma is unlikely to be a problem for anyone not using a really old (read, ■■■■) monitor, we are going to be adding a “dark balance” option (not a general brightness option) which will change how much the “eyes” adjust to darkness in the game allowing you to make nights/dark-environments brighter without changing how anything works in bright environments.


I see the ordinary torches emits very bright white light, should not a more yellow/ red look better?


ordinary torch light is color #f2e1bd


Ok, but to strong for me i think.
I start to replace them with something softer. :slight_smile:


Looking at the torches is on my todo list.

But that brightness will depend on the block it is placed on.


If I switch in the options between bloom on and off, it’s like putting glasses on. With bloom off, everything looks wonderfully clear. bloom on is not playable for me for long. Thanks for the option


Yes, but overall they are to bright and whitish for me.
I got the opposite problem to others here, i can not find dark enough light sources.
I have to try some beams and poles with dark gleams.
Btw, the gemtourches look great now.

Overall the patch is a big jump to better lightning.
The only thing i not so found of is the color of water, think the natural water should be more neutral in color.
In my base on Circarpous i got my little pony turquoise, that sometimes looks a little bit silly.

And the night haze is a bit over saturated too, i think.

Else it looks very good :slight_smile:
Happy to see the strange sidelight at night are gone. It is a delight to walk around in the night now. (In the daytime to ofc.)


okay, finally found something that mildly annoys me about this release

“A side-effect change for consistency is that you cannot use Grass-seeds on Grass Blocks that already have long-Grass foliage unless the type and colour are the same”.

used to be able to lay down cheap grass up to stage 3 growth then use my limited supply of exo seed to reach full growth.

I’ll get over it, but it might require a strong cup of tea first…


Has anyone confirmed how LUCK helps or doesn’t help with farming returns? @Stretchious or someone else did you do any tests? Does it help to max luck to maybe get more return of yield or seeds in the process of harvesting? Or is it not related at all? thanks…


I don’t think it’s related for grown crops (not 100% sure though). It may affect wild ones though.


Does affect Wild drops not the farmed crops.


Probably should change your name to EncyclopediaStomp… I figured you probably knew. :slight_smile:


Ah sjeesh that sucks big time actually :frowning: