Release 225: Farming!


Update OP with details of 225.2.

Main changes are - exposing a dark balance, improving the bloom, and fixing the portal crashes.

Lighting in Release 225 Status
Lighting in Release 225 Status

Will this update require a download or is it a hotfix?


Cough cough

I think you may have forgotten some of your player base!


*better player base :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO your inbox is about to get flooded!


Option is also available on PS4. [MENU] -> blah.


Ah, I see.

You just assumed all the PS4 players are super awesome and smart and would know where to go anyway.

OK, I get that :grin:


Well, aren’t you? :wink:


I know I am, cos my mum told me so…


Servers are back on


Looks great!!


Can I get a refund on the 500 gem torches I bought Lol .


Just a minor note, didn’t think worth starting a new thread over but wanted to mention it - I had put out a plinth with some free goo kernels for a friend, noticed on the notifications when they sold out that part of it was starred out. Looks like the filter is picking up on a bad slur word there.


Having so much fun with the new farming update! Got my Exo Yam farm up and running! Just need to get those seeds to multiply! hehe






Great job adjusting the lighting. I’ve adjusted the light balance and it’s very easy for me to see again. I’m keeping my light epic skills, but it’s very playable at this light level for myself.

Thanks for fixing it so quickly!


Can I just say Goo farming is awesome!!


Updated OP with details of Release 225.3. Main changes are fixes to the attribute system that were causing issues with the presentation of the forge and character status effects.


This minor release also fixed sanctum edit I think – for some reason it was broken after farming released. :slight_smile: