Release 225: Farming!


So this means the forging problems are fixed? I can now do the forging I need to do, and those who make tools and other items to sell can not make them.

Bit confused on attributes aspect, I know I am not wanting to waste any more mats in forging the weapons and bombs that I make. And getting something that I don’t want.

If that is fixed, Thank you devs for taking care of it,


Because holding lava with your skin is 100% healthy and causes no pain and suffering and/or 3rd degree burns.


Wait… a what?!


Youuuuu don’t know about putting a chisel in the centraforge with venerable gum to get an undo-chisel which brings back a block to its original cube form?


I did not lol. I’ve wanted that type of chisel for ages! Can’t believe its actually a thing now :joy:


It’s been added a while ago, too :


Daaamn cheers mate, i’ll whack on Jiivita’s video now!


When you are growing goo/pigments, does it make a difference if you use raw gleam, refined gleam, or gleam lanterns?


it does, just try it. needs to be planted on for mutation.


It does?! So… a gleam lantern will be the best?! O_O


when planted on yeah.


I… I got… I gotta go do something…


I tried it, and got the exact same result on both of my setups for seed yield, and got -5% on crop yield compared to refined gleam!!!
Are you 100% sure of your fact, there, bud? :disappointed_relieved:


It is working like on end of testing time: raw gleam gives highest crop buff on goo refined -5% and lantern -10%.


I just tested the natural gleam right now.
This feels SOOOOO backwards. You’d think the versions requiring crafting time would give a greater yield bonus… :unamused:
Freaking gleam lanterns requires glowing lamella, for Pete’s sake! I just spent an hour farming glowing shrooms on Besevrona for nothing.
< sighs >
Goo farming frustrates me more and more as time passes.


This helps me a lot:

Credit to @Mayumichi

Goo is at the bottom.

Lanterns give you a 20% speed bonus, but drop the produce


That sounds SOOOO unbalanced to me.


They are supposed to grow slightly faster on lanterns, but yes, found out the hard way myself, and decided not to bother with the lanterns msyelf in the end. :man_shrugging:

You probably didn’t have a look when you dropped by my base before, but this is what I ended up doing:

I really don’t care too much about goo’s growth time very much so far. It’s something entertaining to do on the side if I don’t give it too much importance. To be honest, I’m mostly just enjoying how it looks as an actual crop. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you bothered about mutating?

I plant all goo in rock, which gives the best seed and produce bonus.

As I’m not too worried about time or mutating.


Yeah, I’m trying to mutate colors to have the 3 main colors in use in my build.
I’m starting to think this is going no-where and that I’m gonna abandon this idea altogether because of how frustrating it is, and just do what I did before : going off-world to find the colors I use on Kol Huroo.