Release 227: Decorative Crops!

A new player builds with rocks or wood and will not reach 300k prestige. A new player is going to farm the blocks with a copper tool, which will take forever. Just the rock requirement of a single brick masscraft will look insane to him. 300k is A LOT!

If you’re able to get to 300k prestige you’re using valuable materials like iron blocks, bricks, a lot of gleam, deco blocks, or something like that. You will have forged 3x3 tools. And if you have forged 3x3 tools you will get a lot of XP and therefore plots. if you’re 3x3x3 village needs protection, I’m sure you can spare the plots. You won’t depend on the free 2 plot wide reservation.

I went to confirm this statement, and realized I plotted down 1 for some hidden gleam. So this hamlet is actually a 2x3. Then I realized HOLY ■■■■:

I’ve never ever had that kind of footfall before. The most I’ve ever gotten off of this beacon was barely over 10k in over a week of not collecting.

I’m totally shocked. I was by here a couple of days ago checking stock and didn’t even bother to collect, I’m fairly certain that this is over 50k coins of footfall in the last 3 - 4 days. Maybe 60k.

The number of people coming around to check on the beacon situation must have been amazing this week.

EDIT: My adjacent shop was also quite stunning :slight_smile:

Since March or so this is over 2 months worth of normal footfall for me here, easily.

CRAZY I could get spoiled like that.

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lol gg :+1:

people often tell me they made 50k in sales in one day or got tens of thousands in ff. Some people do really really well. New people coming in almost everyday it seems…until the big change. If you rec’d extra ff…it may just be from folks comparing plot issues or something. Some people have also said they got zero footfall yesterday even though they made sales. Lots of things might be a little wonky right now :woman_shrugging:

Also, with the newest items the devs have been adding…people are looking for and buying all sorts of supplies that people might not have been interested in before. That’s a plus + :+1:

I’m guessing it’s this. In any case my jaw hit the floor. I’m not sure if I’ve ever collected that much footfall in a single pickup before. On any beacon anywhere. My main build with shop and hub rarely makes that in a month.

From my view, this buffer protection could easily allow a beacon with 1 plot to have “additional” 24 plots (i might be wrong here. Correct me later) without actually spending his/her plots

I agree with this. Those player would have enough plots to keep the neighbours out.

I am proposing a special beacon type or a toggle in a beacon to change its type from normal beacon to reservation beacon

The reservation beacon is simply a “fence”. It will not have a settlement status, doesn’t generate footfall but it can still be built on

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Confirmed on live servers.


I want to add that fully plotting “empty space” still leaves you with plotted space and someone can merge to it.

AFAIK the buffer plots will not allow a merge. This really makes the two not directly compare.

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Which is why I am proposing a reservation beacon that could act like buffer plots. It should not be considered a settlement and not part of any settlement thus will not become a bridge of 2 settlements but a fence between settlements

This fence/wall strategy is what a lot of us were doing with extra regular beacons before this last update. No more beacons with buffers or reservations please. That isn’t working well.

Settlements merging without the wardens explicitly asking for it to happen is causing this issue.

Hi I started a thread on this in support as didn’t see your message here but looks like a bug :ant: so annoying I hope they fix soon :grimacing:

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Updated OP with details of the 227.1 hotfix.


Naild it in an other topic. “Taking the forge apart with a screwdriver. And having a short circuit.”


The beacon buffer off by default is good but this was definitely bugging me also :laughing:

Hello, is there a way to know what will happen if you unplot a specific plot? Can you know definitively before you unplot it if your beacon will reserve it or someone else’s will? If not it would be great if when you go to unplot a plot the game tells you what the status of the plot will be after you unplot (ie it will be reserved by your beacon, it will be reserved by nearby beacon X, etc.).

Also, it would be very nice to have a way to transfer one or more plots to another character in your account. I’m making a shopkeeper character and want to transfer my shops to him but I’m afraid to unplot in fear of a neighbor reserving the newly unplotted plots making them unusable bv me. If I could just transfer my store plot beacons or individual plots to my shopkeeper this problem would be addressed.


When player level glyphs will be fixed? Long time all players looks as lvl 1 player.


This is why there is my screwdrivers in the game! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Are the new seeds for these decorative crops only found on exotics planets, or do you craft them.

All are crafted except sentinnel’s crest. Those are rewards from meteors


Thank you I must have missed that.

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Note too on this - I got a couple from a dormant meteorite, don’t know the odds of it happening but it is possible. So that is one option for them - tons fall on the exos it seems, go in a couple hours after the early resource sweepers hit, then sweep the meteorites left in their wake. :smiley: