Release 229 is here! Windows, Latticing, and Beacon Maps are go


WTB lattice chisel. Currently in Ultima, Eresho.


good question - since the special change type chisel needs an upgrade as you move up to hitting top tier blocks, I would expect same here - although who knows


Thanks!! :smiley: Much appreciated, seeing these!

Thinking too, this will give me something good to do with the smaller amounts of gleam I have from gleambow and a few exos I didn’t collect much on.

The stylish panes may also mesh well with the trellis builds I mentioned. Haha, wow, I’ve got a lot to do now… but I’ve found, best thing to do is take it slow in Boundless. Just enjoy, not set time limits, and do whatever you feel like at that moment - it is very possible I’ll drop everything in the middle of playing with this stuff and go raid Baruum again for a bit, then pick up where I left off. :wink:


I agree - no point in going all big and finish as soon as you can

thats why I just add some little things in my Till base that I started expanding yesterday (not expecting the update this week btw) - won’t go to my town and hit all my main builds with the lattice chisel and panes just yet; I have time :sunglasses:


After creating a copper lattice chisel, I can confirm you need to level the chisels to the block you wish to lattice.


after playing for a while I came up with a “cage” door frame - not too sure about it but I will leave it for a while (maybe it will grow on me more)


I have a similar thing :smiley:


this looks so awesome! and LADDERS?!?!?! even if they only work going up, this opens up great things! I cannot wait to try the glass panes. I have never forged, so I hope someone will be selling lattice chisels that won’t break the bank :smiley:


You have done some nice Lattice chiseling over there Paka :sunglasses:
Now take it away in the Live game :boundless:


That is absolutely gorgeous… :heart_eyes: And very similar to what I have in mind! Just add in the lattice work. Sort of did similar with my newest shopping area, gleam poles with rainbow foliage on top, but I like yours a lot better!

@Odeon - If I did that IRL those flowers would be dead in a week or so. :flushed: Well, maybe not that quick, but my roses look pretty pathetic generally. I take better care of my video game crops… :sweat_smile:


Whaaaa 2d map? Finally!!


Ok, screenshot time from early experimenting. :smiley:

Pics 1-4 - Basic trellis. One without foliage, others with foliage and embedded gleam lanterns. If you leave the sides open, using poles like this works well. I think I’ll do that with this one (may use something else on the sides, at least in places), but to show the difference, if you want lattice on the sides, don’t use the poles, use the same blocks. Doesn’t quite fit with lattice and poles.

5-6 - Mosaic looks cool as lattice. :slight_smile:

7-10 - Glass pics.

Let me see if I can hide the details so as not to clutter up the thread…



great job @bucfanpaka
my own humble example (as I was making it larger along creating process, it kinda moved away from original trellis-like look) - vines in the ceiling and rice below; water on the roof and flowing down to the ground for rice; now it will be time to upgrade it with new powers of lattice chisel and pane glass :sunglasses:


Thanks, and love yours as well!! :smiley:


Beacon map rly good addittion.


Another, just a small one… the decorative stone works well as lattice I think, and used glass as a bridge over water. Embedded some flowers in the roof.

Not a big deal, but something I noticed is that when grappling on to the roofs of these, I sometimes get stuck. Eventually get free with my grapple again though.


nice pane path there :sunglasses:

I was experimenting with how panes can change color of water. I have this base on Galan and even though I like the planet’s palette, I am not a big fun of how water gets colored in the atmosphere. So, I decided to try and change the vomit-yellow with panes placed in front of it. Here is the original water color:

And here water behind panes, left to right: cool blue plain, azure stylish, silk turquoise stylish:

So, plain seem to be too transparent to change much (unless maybe if I used stronger tint). Stylish managed to change the color much better, with azure ones my favorite to leave there. Apart from getting more agreeable water color, I also like the decorative effect here. And if you take a closer look, you will see that there are actually 2 shades behind that azure pane - so it looks pretty cool to me.

final effect:

the old color is still there floating and swirling with the new greener tint, so I am in two minds again lol


Thanks! And very nice!! :smiley: Beautiful build there too, love that last shot! Yeah, part of the reason I stick gleam at the bottom of some of the water at my place is the color of the Gyosha water, trying to pretty it up a little. :wink: Maybe I’ll cover some more of it with glass like this, play with the colors a bit myself too.


Interesting effect:

  1. View of Malaria at night time through white plain pane:

  1. And the same after placing single white gleam block inside the room:

Anyone up for old school monochrome movies?

Silk teal and silk cobalt light inside:


Can the beacon map be moved or have a on and off switch its nice but in the way in middle of the screen lol