Release 229 is here! Windows, Latticing, and Beacon Maps are go


Hello folks,

Release 228 is here! Windows, Latticing, and Beacon Maps all await.

The new Window panes are designed to slot together in whichever configuration you choose, with plain, ornate and decorative styles all ready to be placed throughout your beacons. These are crafted via the Refinery, and all can be tinted to allow for a variety of shades.

The window’s patterns will tessellate together intelligently, so any panes which connect will create a consistent visual shape however you place them. These act in a similar way to signs, but with increased transparency. We can’t wait to see what citizens can do with these - and judging from what we’ve seen on the Testing branch it’s going to be a great addition.

The new chisel boon ‘Latticeworker’ is going to be another significant change. With this, blocks are now able to be altered into lattice frames. Any block that can currently be chiselled can be used in this way. These will start life as a (say it slowly with me) Tetra-hemi-hexa-cron. Further chiselling will cycle through four different diameters of the arms, allowing for even more variety. Then use your standard Square and Bevel Chisels to add and remove the arms.

These will add a totally new angle to builds of all sizes - some of the more imaginative uses we’ve seen so far include ladders, strip lighting, and decorative art installations. This system will allow for a whole new layer of subtlety in building, with more intricate shapes open to citizens. We’ve seen some awesome uses of these on Testing (you can see some in Jiivita’s customary excellent video below!)

The final major change for this update is the addition of a 2D beacon map. This is a top-down view of the beacon you’re currently in, which will appear on-screen whenever builder mode is active. This plot map will visualise the local Beacons, Settlements, Guild alignment, and Reserved Plots - The map is helpful for spotting plots flagged as roads which will split your Beacon out of a Settlement.

As always, here’s Jiivita with a complete rundown of the features as they appeared on testing;

Full patch notes are over here;

Cheers all, see you in there!


:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::smirk: I’m ready for it all^^


Looking good!


Went to forge my first lattice chisels and I found two things:

  1. Only have iron and gold chisels left in storage…
  2. I’m almost out of pure compounds…

Well, for starters I decided to grab 3 iron chisels and see if I can turn them into something semi-useful.
Turned out to be a good session, for what I had in stock:

5 masses of glass panes are crafting as well, so I will be playing away with the new things very soon. Small beginnings are always most exciting for me. :sunglasses:


Cant wait to get home. Thank you.

I now have 1000s of windows to make.


This. :star_struck:

First thing I want to try with the chisel is making a trellis - actually several, pretty big ones, with dining and shopping areas under them. I’m curious how it looks when you put foliage on top of the lattice work, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody post screenshots of that yet. I’m thinking stuff like this-


anyone else getting CLIENT IS NEWER THAN EXPECTED message?
cant get in game after update. any advice from someone whos a little more computer savvy?


All my builds are now outdated. I know what I will be doing the next few weeks.

Oh gosh I feel sick of the amount of work to come.


Is this 228 or 229? Because the patch notes say 229, but this and testing say 228.



restart everything you can, be it steam and then game or ps4 and then game - it should do the trick

and here me pissing myself from excitement (you can also see the defeat penalty there, I died waiting for them panes to be crafted and then excitement brought me back to life, as much as the wet loin cloth; new message type for the action log: “you were defeated by lengthy crafting time”)


It’s 229, sorry - edited! (It was Testing 228, which then became Release 229!)


Haha, that looks pane-ful. :stuck_out_tongue: What is the tint on the ornate pane there, btw? I like that a lot, the cornflower blue with pink accents.


Can we spray paint windows? Huh huh


It’d be funny if you could, but at the cost of the transparent nature if the pane, like how it would in real life.


haha - you pun master :sunglasses::grin:

that’s silk cobalt

and here more excitement (the chisels!) - cannot feel more alive than now


Hehe, thanks!! :smiley: Good, pretty sure I’ve got that. I’ll be testing with various colors, probably sell what I decide not to use, for any interested.

They should let us break the panes with a slingbow. That would be fun, any time I wanted to replace them, to just shoot them out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the reply. tried that I think ill try reinstalling the game see if that works thanks again


damn, it’s almost invisible!! I placed it a moment ago and even though I knew it’s there I was reluctant to test it by walking into it - was half expecting to fall through and into lava below…
I mean panes of course…


and the ornate ones - here lit by light red gleam and sunset sky:

same seen from top, a bit earlier so the sky is still brighter

when I’m done playing away small scale for research and learning, I will defo hit my bigger builds with the new stuff :sunglasses:

@bucfanpaka it’s the same silk cobalt, only the reddish accent from gleam and outside light


It’s not clear from the release notes, but if I wanted to ‘lattice’ a gem block would I need a gem lattice chisel, or does the boon just work on any block with any chisel (of course I know I would then need a gem standard chisel).