Release 229: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

The update should automatically download on PlayStation 4.

Please close and restart Boundless on PS4 to encourage the system to check for an update.

Please report all issues discovered with the update with a new post in the #support thread.


  • Added 3 transparent Glass Panes.
  • Added the Latticeworker Chisel allowing the creation of Lattice Frame structures.
  • Beacon Plot map is now presented in the HUD when Builder mode is enabled.

Video Overview:

Release 229:

Art + Animation + Assets:

  • Added 3 transparent Glass Panes:
    • Plain, Stylish and Ornate variations are currently available.
    • These are crafted and tintable and should provide more variation for creating windows than just using gleam signs.
    • Their tint is taken from the Refined Gleam.
    • Placement of the Glass Pane’s is more similar to doors/trap-doors than it is to signs, so that you do not have to create a backing wall to place the panes onto the way you would with signs, but can just place on the ground (and will stick out like a door) and then place onto the tops/sides of the panes to make them larger. Panes also do not have to be exact rectangles like with signs.
    • Please use these instead of signs as they’re more efficient.
    • They current do use up the mesh allocation of a chunk. However in the future they will be part of the voxel landscape and hence not count against the mesh allocation.

Crafting + Resources + Equipment:

  • Added a new Venerable Boon called Latticeworker that can be applied to Chisels.
    • Short Description: A Chisel Boon which prepares Blocks for creating lattice-based structures.
    • Description: A Boon which allows Forged Chisels to prepare Blocks for tetrahemihexacron Pole and Beam building fun.
  • A Lattice Chisel will prepare a block for building Lattice Frame structures.
  • The chisel will cycle through 4 sizes of lattice frame diameter: 1/3m, 1/4m, 1/6m and 1/12m.
  • You can then use the standard Square and Bevel chisels to add and remove the lattice arms.
  • The Square chisel will make regular square lattice frames. The Bevel chisel will make beveled lattice frames at 45 degrees.
  • All blocks than can already be chiseled can be used to create Lattice Frames.
  • This chisel opens up a huge number of new creative shapes and structures.


  • The Beacon and Settlement map is now presented in the HUD when Builder mode is enabled. This allows all players on all platforms to have access to the details.
  • Inverted the display of the Protection Status option on beacons to be more intuitive, with a Tick when the protection is enabled and button to disable (Was previously showing a Tick when everyone had permissions which is the opposite of protection being enabled).


  • Adjusted auto LOD switching when below target framerate. We now prefer to lower the object LODs before switching to lower terrain LODs (previously it would lower both at the same time).
  • Added placement pole sounds.
  • Allow Glass Panes to reduce water mesh transparency the way Glass blocks already did.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix “send item to top” in machine queues to just move to the top instead of swapping with whatever is at the top currently.
  • Fix not being able to extend your beacon vertically if there is a neighbouring beacon with an enabled protection zone buffer that would be able to reserve the space your beacon is in, if when extending vertically you do so via an adjacent plot so that it is not touching a plot above or below in your beacon…
  • Fix not being able to drop items out of a smart stack with X.
  • Fix not showing correct tooltip information when moving items around in a smart stack.
  • Fix lattice-chiselled “dug-up” natural blocks in the default world-colour not having the correct colours visually. This was a purely visual bug, so any already such chiselled blocks in the testing servers will change to their correct colour automatically.
  • Fixed some z-fighting when liquids and glass-panes occupied the same block space.
  • Fix an issue where purchased consumables could be re-consumed via Steam family sharing. The base game can still be shared but additional accounts won’t gain any of the purchasing accounts consumable perks.
  • Fix the Gathering Epic to not award XP when moving surface resources. XP should only be awarded when they’re actually harvested.

Awesome, this was really quick ! :+1:


:heart_eyes: yay!

Excited for it all of course, but these little fixes are much much appreciated! Thanks!


Excellent stuff! Now I have a evening of chiselling all of my pre-prepared blocks to look forward to! :smile:


Do you have a rough idea how long before they won’t count towards the mesh count? Are we looking at days, weeks, months etc?

Simple but very nice^^ this is what i needed^^


Well about 14 hrs and i can check the update out. Can’t wait and I hope people post lots of screenshots to occupy me at work lol


Very awesome! :heart_eyes: I’ll be making a lot of glass later for sure! Hopefully we’ll have some vendors with the chisel for sale by the time I’m off work… :wink: Got several ideas in my head I want to try with that.

Thanks as always for all your work devs, much appreciated! :smiley:


Maybe the next big thing will not be trapped behind a forging wall? I got my glass refining, just have an hour to wait. I’m going to need to buy some lattice chisels today.

Maybe the devs will think of their non-forging players with the next exciting update. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (Yes I am bitter about all this forging stuff, it is very obvious that they are just tailoring to certain players of the game and not everyone IMO.)

I’ll get over it.


I’ll be able to make a few for you both for no charge other than the chisel and a few forge materials to make them.

Honestly, forging scared me at first but it isn’t hard at all in the end. Taking the minute to understand basics, really isn’t actually as time consuming as I expected it to be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. You have inspired me to find my forging way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There is actually a “Check for updates” option on PS4. Press the options button while the application is selected.

And awesome features, this will help me alot when designing machinery in the new build! \ ^ _ ^ /


I should have a bunch of these up for sale in a few hours hopefully and will be selling cheap
Everyone needs easy access!


My workbench is carfting some titanium chisels atm for that, will have some in my shop soon too.


Its the forgers obligation to equip the population fast! I want to see crazy intricate builds! :smiley:


Agreed, especially on the more advanced stuff


Thanks you all! :smiley: This community is awesome. Evenutally I will learn to forge… really. :flushed: Going to build a huge forge at my new place. More laziness on my part than anything, putting that off.


Amazing! I look forward to trying these out. I am also going to dive into forging for real this time.