Release 229: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


I have been playing a bit less than usual for a while, but this update looked interesting, so came back on.

And although the glass panes look great, the mat requirements to make them are way too much, I think.

432 glass + 216 refined gleam + 144 alloy just to make 50 glass panes, all be it the ornate ones!

Even the plain ones feel way too expensive.

Not sure why you would need so much more glass blocks for the stylish and ornate, considering that there are metal/alloy bars added as well.

Also, it would have been nice to have an ‘untinted’ glass pane as well.

Just completely clear and transparent, I guess white will be closest, but I suspect still not just plain looking glass panes.



You could try Serpensarindi gleam color (Silk yellow) for plain glass panels. To me it works well as transparent one while still having tone I like :slight_smile:


At least they don’t need super enriched bonding agent :grin: … oops, did I say that out loud :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Why do they look as if they’re out of focus (blurry) ?


How do we lay a glass pane horizontally on top of a block?

The only way I can make this work is by placing a block adjacent and placing the pane against it.

Maybe I’m missing something?


The only way I can place a horizontal glass pane in the voxel above was to add a block behind, as in picture below.


no, you can’t - only in empty space, against adjacent blocks/meshes

it got me surprised too, and I had a few panes to remove after trying so hard to make it work lol


OK, cool.

At least I’m not just doing it wrong!


How is forging only tailoring certain players? You have every ability to learn to forge, and several experienced forger are giving classes for those that have not been able to figure it out. I just don’t get your statement at all… Making chisels with the venerable gum is probably one of the easiest forges to do and does not require a ton of expensive mats. I would be glad to show you… :blush:


Same time frame as the aoe spanner fix :joy:


Yay content!! Thank you, Thank you!!


Assuming you have a fully specced character for forging and a full coils forge

1- Put 3 venerable gums
2- Put 3 Longevity gums
3- Put 1 Fate Paste 2
4- Put Pure boon 1, 2, or 3 as you see suitable (until you run out of Fate paste).
5- Put Fate paste 2 again.
6- Throw in some more pure boons.
7- You got the chisels.

I did 3 chisels (titanium and amethyst) and all came max dura + lattice from the first time.

Forging is very easy for low-mid stuff which is all ive needed so far. High mid to extreme high end is whats hard and thats not needed. More done for bragging rights id say. Good luck!


Did you just mention the forbidden aoe spanner? :joy::joy::joy:. I need that more than anything else.


Ooh nooo not that long!! :weary::sob::sob::sob:


Don’t recall if it was previously mentioned, so just a brief note here. Made some stone chisels with lattice and they only change blocks up to gold. Need the gem chisel with lattice to change titanium & gem blocks. I knew I should have tested that on test too =)


yeah indeed they seem to work just like the block-change chisels, if it comes to lock-behind-tier


Not everyone enjoys the forge. Content that is tied to forge use is tailored to them. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.


Same as folks who refuse to use coin in any way… just ridiculous. Have it your ways I guess :woman_shrugging:
Meanwhile, these chisels look easy to forge so I’ll be using a bunch.


That’s normal. That’s how every other chisel works.


Yeah, I forged 9 in like 5 minutes this morning. Pretty quick and easy.


Why did it have to be locked behind a forge boon is the complaint many have I think. This was an opportunity for them to add a new tool recipe to the game with maybe different mats than are currently used, but they put it behind the forge/boon system which is complex for many to want to bother dealing with in the first place.

It is a particularly easy forge, though it’s not constant. I’ve hammered a few out so far and had to reset 6 times because bad rng. Far easy to forge a lattice chisel then a slingbow or aoe tool by far, but again it’s still rng dependent.