Release 229: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


I know it comes from the forge. It’s so easy though, that it’s like complaining that soup requires buckets of water. you need a single boon…


Only just got back, but will start up the forge in a few minutes!!! :wink:


I agree. Super easy. But if people have stayed away from the forge, then that’s not likely to change. They have valid complaints and concerns. Helping them work through it and listening to venting goes a long way I think.

Anyhow, I enjoy the forge system but hope we see more recipes introduced in time as well :slight_smile:

Maybe this being such an easy forge that so many people are going to want to use to decorate with… maybe it will help them step in to the forge system and cut their teeth on it since the RNG isn’t as painful as the higher tier forges.


I really hope it gets more folks to at least build a forge and start it up. I’m confident that it would be much harder to produce a single gem tool than to forge one lattice chisel. It’s just a machine, and it has a progression, like any of the other machines. I just don’t get ignoring one. It’s not like the others are any easier.
for clarity: I just meant make a plain gem tool, not even a forged one.


Even though I don’t forge yet, I don’t see it as a problem at all - I have other niches in the game, that is the trick, figure out what you like, do that to raise coin to buy the things you need that you don’t make.

Though I want to learn forging and will as I said (though maybe later rather than sooner, hehe), I sometimes wonder if the way I’m going about it is the better ROI time-wise - like on a T7 exo, I can pretty quickly get enough lucent gems to buy a really nice hammer. Smashing through rocks while zoning out to music is, for me, very relaxing and even healing - but some people don’t like that. Some love the forge (and thanks @AeneaGames, I will be by for sure soon as I’m outta here! :wink: ), for me, it may end up being just something to learn and I might not use the huge forge I create all that much. But that is part of the beauty of Boundless to me - there are a lot of roles to be filled, many ways to play. I like my role as cheap seller of basic goods… lets me meet lots of people and I still make enough get what I want in the game at a decent rate, can buy mats at about the same pace I build at.


Just because someone chooses not to do something, or participate in every mechanic doesn’t mean it’s somehow tailored to them. I’m sure the chisels will be inexpensive and easy to come by… hardly a slight against anyone… and most definitely not a difficult concept to grasp. :wink:

If everyone did everything and nothing was challenging, we would have zero economy and no game… boring.


stop derailing the topic pls

focus on actual new features, share screenshots, ask questions etc.

like this (playing away with ideas for decorative and visually unobtrusive safety measures on edges of lava, cliffs, stairs etc.):


The others are easier, in every aspect.

The forge haves many many different reagents that can be crafted and used in the forge, many of which I deem to be absolutely useless and only serves to confuse people by giving them the option.

The forge also requires a fundamental understanding of how each reagent reacts and may interact with other reagents, which is not something that can be learned by just reading the tool tips.

The forge is the only machine with two failure results that can result in loss of materials. This is further compounded by the fact the forge haves RNG as a crude means limit the amount of skill that can be invested.

No other machine that I am aware of, haves any of those traits, It is straight forward with everything else, You collect the required materials, you shove them into the machine, and sometime later, out comes the item you wanted.


I just meant to forge a lattice chisel. I’m not here to discuss mechanics and difficulty curves for the entire game. Just saying that it’s kind of an exaggeration to say that the forge is a serious barrier to the lattice chisel… its gum takes earth yams :confused: Maybe I should just try to forge a chisel on a new character with an uncoiled forge and see how it goes.


From the perspective of a timmy or new player, It can be.


Sooo should I not tell them it’s easy? Should I just let them think it’s hard and never attempt it?


Both are wrong, you are doing people a disservice both ways.


Are you really using this as an argument? It is logical to have different game mechanics/processes lead to different results to vary the gameplay. A similar argument to yours is “I dont like crafting - find me another way to get things done”.


Help me out here then. If I’m wrong to inform and wrong not to, are you just calling me out for existing?


can you please take it to a different topic, like “forge gating - good or bad?”

share your opinions there; if you keep littering this topic it’s going to be really hard to fish out content that belongs here and people might be interested in or expecting when checking this topic

I keep checking notifications myself hoping for some new screenshots, questions and answers that can make some things clearer etc., but soon find out people are talking other stuff…


allright, allright. I’m outta here. Much hostility, yall. I’ll just be lurking.


Both are wrong, because it is a lie to tell someone it is easy when it is not, It is also subjective, which makes that evaluation a bit more tricky,

It is better to tell people how it is, no sugar coating. It is a somewhat complex system that requires a bit of effort and time invested to fully learn it. but once and if you do, then it might become easier, but it will always have the RNG element which may be frustrating to more then a handful of people.


Apparently it is also wrong to discuss it with you :man_shrugging: Feel free to message me if you want to chat about it. No hard feelings, Trund :+1:


Been wanting to add beams to parts of my platform grid, but only doing it now because I didn’t want to use loads of beams (i.e. meshes) to do so, plus, this lets me play around with texture and stuff. :slight_smile:

Might still tweak this, but happy with how it’s working out:


I’m 100% in agreement that they seem too expensive, especially the plain ones. I feel like for the plain ones the ratio of glass to pane shouldn’t be an issue at all. In fact, you’re technically making the glass smaller, so I feel like in essence it should work like sticks where you get more rather than less.

I also think there should be an option for each of them without gleam so that they’re clear like regular glass. I’m currently trying to figure out what to use now because I was not prepared for not having a clear option.