Release 229: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


They are in a shop stand now at Original Forgeries!


Put a lattice chisel in your house.


fyi, a stack of your iron chisels on the lattice stand are unchisels (I bought the lattice ones)
and thank you for so speedily making these :slight_smile: :+1: your creations are much appreciated :heart_eyes:

edit: and diamond ones…bought 3 of those :stuck_out_tongue: but they’ll come in handy anyhow

that enriched hard coal looks pretty cool…


Yikes, in my hurry I seemed to have made some others as well, also found another stack of unchisels and one with transformation on it!

Hadn’t seen the ones in the shop stand. Removing ASAP!

And that enriched hard coal looks awesome like this indeed!



Yikes, it didn’t register at first but the diamond ones were also unchisels and you bought one. Come by later and I get you a gem lattice chisel free, you can keep the unchisel one.

It’s kinda annoying that ALL the venerable boons use the same darn icon in the boon display…

@james A future update hopefully has different icons for them?
Perhaps a nice contest idea for players to help design them, like the sanctum thing?


^^ yes I noticed that, I had to do a double take when forging I noticed it was unchisel and removed it. Second batch I was making sure it was in fact the right boon. A better indicator would be nice.


Yeah my first batch actually had the lattice boon, so when I saw the same icon on the other batches come up I didn’t think to check…


Thank you!! :grinning: Very much appreciated!! I’ll drop some Blink on you next time I see you! :wink:


@james ,

You made my day. Not feeling well again, so hubby is insisting that I go and see the family doctor, told him I will next week. So, my dear friend, are you listening to me, go and see a doctor please, make my day again in a different way, :stuck_out_tongue::hugs:

Back on topic, which has me going off topic, but since I feel bad, I don’t care. Seems we have our naysayers back, who I am beginning to suspect have more than one account so “they” can look as if “they” have support when it is just them griping, griping, griping all the time. Be still, don’t wanna hear it. (being nice, didn’t tell you to STFU). Said I wasn’t feeling well, @Stretchious you can gripe at me, I probably deserve it, and any flagging I get, I guess. Don’t care, right now, later will apologize, somewhat.

Love the changes, and for the forging, it is easy to do and for those who don’t want to do the forging, buy one, they should be cheap, if not look for someone who forges and see if they will bargain for a trade, I know I would.

Love the various ways it can be used, will help to make our bases look nicer, give us a chance to make it a home.

Now, @james Sorry, BUT PLEASE FIX THE LIGHITNG, TIRED OF GOING TO THE SANCTUM DURING THE NIGHT AS I CAN’T SEE IN THE DARK ! ! ! ! yes, shouting, seems no one is listening. At times I have been close to quitting because I spend as much time in the sanctum as out gathering.

Back on topic, keep up making such great additions, there will always be some who will whine, ignore them, listen to the majority, hear our opinions and you will see what is needed for improvements and what we love, which will be most of it. Thank you again to the devs for doing the work for this. Really, really appreciate it.


Yup still waiting. Might be as long of a wait as aoe spanner tho :joy:. I log in every 4-5 days now just to reopen/refill a portal and log back off.


Just had time for a quick comparison before work this morning… both made with cool blue gleam, left one is gleam sign, right one is new glass… though at this angle it is a bit hard to tell there is glass in there.

The glare on this one below makes the glass presence more obvious

Also tested the glass out as a retaining wall to keep me from falling off my farm area =)


that glass railing is so cool - might borrow the idea and use somewhere (atm I’m playing with lattice chiseling to create different kinds of edge protection)


It does make a good railing. . hopefully I will quit falling to my death at my workshop


that sounds like a good idea, I am going to follow your idea. How long does it take for a batch. Let me guess, busy work in that it will take at least a hour, bit more or a bit less but close enough. That is what frustrates me.

There is no way kids will want to play this game, they are not ready to wait this long and don’t want to have to go and do something else. Need less time on making everything, this is another nail in the coffin, that is how I see it.

Yes, I know, bit on the negative side, sorry.


I have to be a baby about the cost of window panes. This is incredibly discouraging and flat out doesn’t make sense. The amount of glass I have produced in an entire year of playing wont even scrape the surface of the amount I need for panes just for my next planned build… I mean where is all the glass going from the blocks? Will we need to clean our refineries out to dispose of the hundreds of cubic meters of glass that don’t make it into the panes?

Look around you right now, in real life. See all that glass? That was probably easier to make than these glass panes.


Plain take 25 ish minutes with enough power coils.
It’s the ornate psnes that hit the hour mark even with coils.


ugh, having even looked at the recipe. Well, that is a lot of sand and soil, and I go through that for glass for the forging mats. Sigh. Seem I need to go to a planet that is full of sand and go to town using a AOE shovel, or maybe two of them. And Starberry pie to not run out of energy.


Yea lanterns are my top seller in my shop, now they’re coming down because i dont expect to ever have enough glass to produce them again.

Much to your point on new players being pushed away by time… how about the fact that they cant make a build with realistic windows when all the vet players around them are building towers of glass? Plain panes shouldn’t be a luxury item.


I always get extra sand from mining, I’ll leave it for you in our spot as I get it, maybe even make a trip for both for it for us. I enjoy that kind of collecting. :slight_smile:

Also, caught what you said in your other post… And I will!! But… I’ve got so much to do in Boundless right now so will just have to wait a LITTLE bit longer! :wink: Glass to replace and add, a trellis or four or five to create, there is a new exo… it is all too captivating, real life will have to wait just a bit longer… (Glad you aren’t a dev, you’d probably ban me for a bit I bet :rofl: )


The map is really cool for the plots, but is there an on/off option on PS4? It gets in the way when plotting and one of my guildies that builds on houchus needs the plot view against the snow to be able to see, there its in the way too.