Release 229: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


Hi Dutch!

Come to me when you’re online, I’ll give you a bunch of glass np :slight_smile:


transparency of ornate glass pane is sometime not so clear - depends really on what objects are behind it;
here a planet moving through Till sky shows that otherwise dark and opaque looking roof window can actually be looked through:


lol Dupix I’d love ya for it but I do genuinely believe they should reorder the cost, for everyone’s sake. If you give me free glass it’s just going from one veteran player to another…

that said, I’ll be spending 90% of my money on your cold teal gleam for quite a long time if you want to stock up on that!


New chisel is amazing. Fact! :rofl:


Imo the recipe is not that bad


Personally I agree that the recipes aren’t that bad, all the resources are pretty straightforward/easy to get and the quantities are just a matter of scale. The main limitation at the moment is while they still count towards the mesh limit.


Dialing back my attitude here lol… but to rationalize it I’m projecting 7-10k panes needed for a tower I plan to start within a couple weeks. Was expecting to need around the same amount in each of glass and gleam. To find out I now need upwards of 30k glass and 15k gleam and a serious amount of spark just doesn’t seem sensible for some standard windows.


Anything on this scale is going to take a lot of time and materials, regardless of what they are :wink:

Glass panes are simple to make


I asked for this on the testing thread. Builder view was the option we were given to do things with out snow. Now it is either deal with the snow or look at the plot viewer in the middle of the screen.


the 10k+ marble will be all the time and materials I feel like spending. Plus 10k glass and 10k gleam would still take a good amount of time for me. This is the first time ive ever complained about crafting quantities and it’s because the numbers just don’t add up. Spent the last 3 weeks collecting enough sand and silt to amass 6k glass and all I want to do is build.


Nah, love ya to much, nag maybe, :hugs: to be honest, the only reason I gave in is hubby’s nagging and I’m so tired of feeling tired and just don’t want to eat. one slice of bacon, half a hash brown and half a biscuit and a cup of pudding later. That is it for the whole day.

hubby is going to Burger King may try a cheeseburger, will have to see if stomach revolts at it.


Hmmm maybe my digger should do something besides chop trees for a bit.


some digger that is :joy:


lol you guys are working on a whole different level of volume than me. I play every day for a few hours but I spend all that time building and spend all my money on mats. when i gather, its the bare minimum of what I’m desperate for


Yeah for some reason shovel and axe is a combined epic.


it was always bothering me - but well, I ain’t no genius so maybe I can’t see the obvious reason behind it…


Reminder that the glass panes are still part of the 512 Mesh Limit per chunk.

(A future update will move the panes into the voxel world and then they not be limited. We don’t currently have an estimated time for this happening.)


I’m aware, thanks… I am a super slow builder lol I think it will be ironed out by the time I get there.


How big is a Chunk?


16m x 16m or 2 x 2 plots - from height 0 to 255.