Release 229: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


Okay, thanks!


TBH this sounds like how things are supposed to work. I get tired of building pretty quick.

I went to find a farm which took a minute but honestly it’s too small and i keep dying outside on besevrona.

I grabbed this since you posted though. Do you want to cook glass or prefer to buy it finished?

To be clear, I’m not expecting you to buy this but, I guess you’re not alone in how you feel about this. Call it market research…


Oh, no.

I just accidentally went into builder mode. Not even going to post the first words that came to mind.

Is there a way to disable this?


whenever you mouse over anything interactable (like the portals, a shop, a door etc) it will hide, but jumps back up when you look around. A “disable plot preview” in options would be nice to have.


This is awful. Super distracting. 30 seconds of that and my eyes are unhappy. I can literally feel the headache coming. Just off the focal point and constantly moving. No, no, no.


depends on price. less than 1c per would get my attention


I push up on the arrow on PS4 controller. Not sure about PC. It works to get rid of snow on the ground too. :blush:


That’s the toggle for builder mode, he wants to toggle the plot view IN builder mode…

(it’s B on PC).


I just tried some random keys (f keys, etc… and nothing. Hopefully there’s some control I’m missing. We’re only a few hours out from the update so I don’t know how many people have seen this in action. It’s very distracting.

EDIT: Yean what Aenea said, ti’s the map that needs to go it’s making my eyes twitch out and I’m still going to need builder mode.

I have 20k or so on my hub right now for 0.5c

I’m going to dig some more of this then I’ll look for some sand. TBF it’s not great coin but it will amuse me for a minute. Maybe i can grab a bunch of titanium to make acquisition cheaper, i just grabbed some sapphire i have hanging around. I’ll start another thread to get this off release notes.


I understand you and I totaly agree with you.
My cold teal gleam shop stands are stocked :wink:


hmmm, how would you disable that in PC? I haven’t tried it yet but would love to seem to get my plots all messed up when putting them down. You’d think it would be impossible to mess up a straight row. lol

What made it really bad is that I was reserving plots and went 12 down before I placed a beacon. Now, I have to find where the plots are at, if that shows them up. Crossing fingers they do, otherwise gonna be smacking the ground with a totem to follow the reserved info on the ground till I find where it ends.


You can not, nor can you disable it on PS4…


The only thing here thats not sensible is the 7-10k panes :joy::joy::joy:. Just do a little sample test to ensure you dont exceed mesh limit before you collect all of that. Good luck :).


Okay, I mixed something up. Watched some of a video that showed where the player (Jivata, not sure of name) showed where he could see his plots. I don’t remember how he did it, or if he showed how to close it.

That is what I thought was being discussed, my wrong, Guess I need to watch the video again and all the way to end.


No, you’re not wrong, when entering build mode you get the little map with your plots in middle of the screen, leaving build mode removes it.

People here were discussing tho that they want to stay in build mode but would like to not always see that plot map in middle of the screen which is currently not possible…

Am sure that will be changed…


Yep. They kindly made the snow disappear when in building mode so we could continue building etc but now have a great big splog so very hard to see what we are chiselling etc.
I’m sure a toggle in the settings will be quickly introduced though.


Really impressed with the amount of new building possibilities. My heart still longs for moving pieces, but these improvements got my own gears moving a fair bit.


This is a good idea


Lol! Are they the same? When I was testing lattice chisels on Test, I thought it was just me not remembering which icon was which, so i watched pretty carefully. Had 5 in a row unchisel boons i had to deconstruct and try again in one run. Also got one busy bee, using just two gums.


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