Release 229 is here! Windows, Latticing, and Beacon Maps are go


I knew there was a reason I was hanging on to all that Silk Cobalt gleam.

Really like it with the white brick walls.


I just got back into Boundless. I like the beacon map, I can see that being useful when my build gets bigger. So good to see the game keeps getting improved btw!


I had thought this was one of the best update releases for the game. Glass and lattices. Nice and great. But there was a major nerf happened as well. to gather with no more do awarded! Please bring back, even at reduced amounts on high end gathers?


Used precise chisels to clean up the latticework a bit - first time I really played with that skill, but just watched Jiivita’s roof tutorial video, trying to learn how to use them right as I want to create a decent looking roof for once with the next regular building I build. :wink:

Also thinking on the trellises, next one I build, I’m going to play with using the stylish panes as the latticework, which I think might look neat along with poles and beams perhaps. This one will take a little longer while I make this glass - still playing with making different colors, seeing how they’ll look. Really having a lot of fun with this. :smiley:

Oh, before I post the pics, I captured a video of the “stuck” thing with the latticework - but with a Hopper. It does show what is happening with it though. And this one is pretty funny I thought! :joy:


Before this update, a 1x2 road between 2 settlements was enough to prevent them from merging. Now the “road” had to be increased to 1x4 to prevent them merging.
The merge was noticed shortly after the update, but not reported as it just got sorted instead.
May not have been noticed by others due to settlements either being merged or completely separate elsewhere, but we do things different here in Oz :rofl:.


The settlement systems code has not changed at all in months…


Understand that, but sometimes “bugs” creep in regardless.
With (presumably) no change in these plots at all, a settlement merge occurred, at the same time as an update was released. Am double checking with the beacon owners to be certain.

Seems you are quite likely correct @lucadeltodecso, it was probably caused by players and/or a simple misunderstanding. Thank you for your response in any case.


Crafting table design XD


Ok, here is Stylish Glass made with the Cool Slate gleam from Tashilis VII made into trelliswork - both by daylight and gleamlight- I like the effect, might stick some request baskets in here. :slight_smile:


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