Release 235 is live - Chiselable Glass, New Storage, and the return of Gleambow Racing!

Hey folks,

It’s here - Release no. 235 of Boundless is hot off the press and ready to go!

This update brings the rest of our suite of closed storage items, with Wicker, Stone and Gleam versions all ready to be added to your builds. These are all available in Plain, Stylish or Ornate variants, so with such a wide range of storage items available, there’s something to fit everyone’s beacon.

The second new piece of content this time out is a new Glass block, available in Plain, Stylish or Ornate variants. These look similar to the Glass Panes you may be familiar with, but in block form this time. These can be chiselled and tinted, so we’re looking forward to seeing what creative uses you can all come up with for this new addition to the Boundless builder’s toolkit. With a full colour palette with which to tint them, these blocks will lend a new dimension to the way interiors are lit in the game. We’ve also removed the placement restriction on Glass Panes, so we can’t wait to see what you can do with these!

This update also includes all the new Gleambow Racing goodies , which will be unlocked when the event starts at 1200GMT on Thursday the 28th November.

Alongside all this, we’ve got the usual raft of fixes, tweaks and updates. For more on those, head over to the full patch notes here;

If you prefer to see this all in action, then Jiivita has done a sterling job as always with a full video rundown of the release from the testing servers;

Thanks all, see you in there!


Wait, is Gleam Storage bound to only be craft able during the event? The way it’s worded makes it sound so.

No, it activates at the start of the event, but will be available permanently afterwards!
It’s available in the update now.


Ah. You had me scared for a moment. I really love how they look, and I’d hate it if they were event locked. :stuck_out_tongue:

^_ ^ cant wait to check the new performance, got some fps heavy spots in the new build already :3

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Um… are you sure it activates at the start of the event? It seems to be active already…




Got some cooking up now, what a nice surprise on the gleam storage, and thanks again dev team for your work!! :smiley:


You will be fricking pleased!!! Holy heck this is such a huuuge improvement it’s crazy!

I had huge blockiness in my workshop as you know, that had been dailed down a bit after one of the previous updates but it was still kinda bad.

My roof looked out of whack in the distance, huge blobs where machines and storage was supposed to be, etc.


Was on Boori earlier and heck, I could look much further and see details!


Uhh cant wait to check it out later. (Had some block popping too btw)

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Only thing I still see but have been seeing that from the start even in small spaces is storage blocks in the distance appear greyísh, as if they have been removed, hehe, but they show up way quicker now, and no blockiness!


I’m seeing double I should go to sleep

That’s mentioned in the release notes. Something about having to texture both sides with the glass leading otherwise it would only be visible from one side. Read glass lead doesn’t look like that, but it’s a cool effect and I guess a technical limitation.

Yeah I don’t know why they couldn’t just put the texture on one side though. There’s no texture on the edges of the glass.

It’s way more noticeable with the lv3 glass (I forget, ornate?) compared to the lv2 glass which has thicker lines.

Maybe make the glass pane objects thinner so the parallax is less noticeable. Or make the lines thicker on the lv3 glass.

The lv3 glass looks kinda awful imo. Everything else looks good (though the water transparency means I’ll have to change my build a bit, I used to use water to hide stuff)

Rather happy with the performance so far :smiley: no more single digit fps… sticks to 30-40 as the lowest, but else avg on 60 and up to 120.

But the weather effects… ( dust storms… ) has that been increased in frequency / intensity ?

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We gathered a group and killed 10 meteorites on T3 and T4, no gleambow…( Too small chance

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Hit L, the event starts in 1Day 4mins :stuck_out_tongue:

Feels like an idiot :smile:

Haha I bet u guys were pretty disappointed

I hopped on to get my gleambow Oakleys but no dice

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Oh yes, we ran in all directions and waited for the rainbow from the sky))

Thanks excited to try it out later. Might be able to get a roof on my workshop now.