Release 239 is Live!

Hello Everyone,

Exciting news, it’s time for the first update of 2020!

We’ve just rolled out the latest release, which includes a huge swathe of Quality of Life changes, our experimental prototype Creative Mode for PC, and the architecture for our Lovestruck event!

We’ve really focused on fixes and tweaks to make the general experience smoother and more enjoyable with this update. Particular areas that have been targeted for improvement are;

  • A huge list of tweaks to the messaging system
  • Fixes for players in multiple guilds
  • Several small engine fixes.

For a more technical breakdown of bug fixes and Quality of Life changes, head over to James’ patch notes here;

As mentioned above, we’ve also released the first version of a Creative Mode on PC with this release. This includes support for Lua scripting, and is very much a prototype - it’s the first step into the future of Boundless, and the aim is for it to precede a full Creative Mode, more game modes, and modding support. Our more technically-minded citizens should enjoy getting to grips with this (very) early version.

For anybody looking for documentation on this, we’ve got some on this thread;

We’ve got big plans for Boundless in 2020, and this update lays the foundations for much of that. We’re excited to talk about the next updates with everyone, and we’ll have more news to share as soon as we can.

Cheers everyone, enjoy the update!


Will the creative eventual come over to PS4?

Thank you!

Can’t wait to see what all is coming, thanks again for all of your work devs!! :grinning: Very much excited about Lovestruck of course, and very happy about the chat improvements!! :smile:


Ooohs, this looks lovely. I might just check it out, after a bit of a break from burn-out. øwø!

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Looking forward to what the future holds! :fist:


Thats great not that technical but did spot…

The public universe channels are now included in the #All filter.

That a great. Especially for the “help” chanel.

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Seems like the patch notes are incomplete then since I do not see all those QoL changes listed! Especially none really that are related to guilds (besides 2 mentions for game admins)…

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@SamF Could you clarify on this? I also can’t find what this means. I checked and our books/process seems the same. Was this a behind the scenes change?


Sure no problem - that bullet refers to this change here from the patch notes - in retrospect maybe I could be a bit clearer, I’ll edit the OP;

  • Fixed players being able to end up with two (or more!) primary guilds which would cause flip-flopping of guild buffs and associated guild as you entered worlds.
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Did I read this right is the only thing we are getting is creative mode? Or is their going to be a content drop this year say combat update?

How about we get a PS4 exclusive update next time?!

It can release to PC when creative mode gets released to PS4?


Just kidding! (kinda, maybe!!!) :innocent:

I’d be interested in seeing what’s been exposed for the Modding API, but I’m really not that well versed in LUA right now. I used some in minecraft to mess around with the mod ComputerCraft back then, but I can’t seem to grasp that language as well as others. Was there a point where many scripting languages were considered ? C# or Python would have been awesome for me. Still, I’m curious to see what I could manage to do.

Honestly i’m not upset at pc getting stuff ps4 doesn’t have. It’s limitations by Sony not the devs here. Maybe i’m used to it playing ffxiv, since pc can use mods like damage calculators or altering their appearance on their own screen while still being a crossplay game.

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So in creative mode, are we not going to get our backer bonuses when exchanging cubits for plots?

I know we can just continue to level and get the cubits, but it sure takes a long time to get enough for planet spanning builds.

From Release 239 notes

This is all part of being an incomplete prototype. We plan to give players more control about the rules that are applied within their Creative world, include disabling regen, settlements, permissions, etc.


This right here is a very important word.


You technically can, but it’s still against the TOS, right?

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