Release 239: Lovestruck and Prototype Creative Mode!

Yes Darth PC only

This is not cool

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Sure, but it is not longer a fair Match between the players… like a shooter and one Team with Auto aim…

Im happy pc will get creative mode but im hoping ps4 will also get creative mode too.I guess its upto sony in the end.Have fun with this update.:heart_eyes:

Actually, it was the choice to include the creative mode under the testing menu that means ps4 users cannot use it.

That’s the devs choice.

I understand that it will be moved eventually, but please don’t blame Sony for a design choice by the game makers!


Oh so i’m mistaken, my bad :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Actually, the items being used in creative mode like the f key to fly and the f9 to give items have been part of the test mode for quite a while. So the easiest way to put out a creative mode prototype was to use the existing functionality that was already part of testing. And Sony does not allow for user testing.



Yes, that is true.

But it was still a choice not to create an in game UI to access it.

I’m not criticising the choice, I’m just pointing out that it was the choice of the devs to do it in this way!

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Yes it is a choice. But from their standpoint, do they want to get it out quickly so players can start using it to see if there are issues or wait until they create a UI? As James stated there may be more than creative mode so do they make sure they have a stable creative mode before creating a UI that may or may not be able to support multiple player modes?

Yes, I am aware, and agree with what you are saying.

I just felt it was unfair to blame Sony for ps4 users not having access to creative mode in this update.

I’m not attacking anyone or anything here, so please don’t feel like you have to defend! :+1:


Sony doesn’t allow debug menus etc, to help prevent people from “jail breaking” the PS4. They’re not too keen on people doing that :sweat_smile:

Can anyone post recipes for event items for those of us stuck at work. Please and thank you :grin:

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Goes live tomorrow, not sure if the recipes will be there yet!

Only 1 new recipe for this event… I’ll post it in a bit! (There are 2 new body paints and 1 new wearable as well).

Here’s the recipes/items from last year:-


Oh you’re right :laughing: forgot they said the 13th

Gotta know what determines the colour for the new Oorty Doll :sweat_smile:

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Yep, that is my hope too!

Once they tell us that they will look at new blocks, items, features and anything else we can come up with using the Lua API (still needs API calls I believe to add new blocks and items) will be evaluated for inclusion in PUBLIC (as in currently existing 50 planets) servers then I will be all over this creative mode things!

Tho it would then also need to be possible to let others come check out the stuff I’ve been making to get feed back and test things.

So I do hope the devs feel their is enough interest for this to continue developing it and exposing more things to the Lua API!


Sorry to be negative but this is like Opening a can of Worms all over the universe.
Might be the good Kind of Worms, but knowing humanity…

I wonder if we create a planet in the creative mode if we can share the planet with other players? I believe we cannot play on creative mode planets together, this would be literally sending someone the right files and letting them load the planet.

Heart Shaped Rock…
They’ll be all red then :joy: