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I’ve been meaning to share a dev update for a while - to let everyone know what is going on. I’ll hopefully get something out in the next couple of days.

If you have any dev-update specific questions add them to this thread and I’ll try to answer them.

(If you have any more general FAQ questions - add them to the other request for questions thread.)


True. PR is good, but without solid gameplay the game will not do well. What killed SWG for me was the combat “upgrade”, not the super bad PR.

I agree with @Hexblood at this point. there is much more then being “fully funded”. You said you like to see features but do you know:

  1. how the features will looke like ?
  2. how they change gameplay ?
  3. how can you interact with them ? (e.g. how do you use a power core ?)

i don’t think you can. at the moment, we se features if they are ready to ship regardless of whether we like the gameplay mechanism behin them or not. i don’t saw a “feature-list” set since B< has been fully funded… on the old page we hat a “planed features” list and we where at least able to talk about the features and name them … Now we do not even have that. Do we get:

  1. all of this - original planed - features ?
  2. do we get more ?
  3. do we get less ?

Noone can say … and that’s a point where my bile is high.

That is exactly what my post is all about … if the PR has been better and if you’d (the community) be previously informed about the update you have had a chance to stop the update or tell the devs the idea is ■■■■!
one can only solve those problems which are known!

The dev promised us:

but i can’t see where we have been “involved in the development” in the last half year. we were fobbed off with concept arts!!! (noone knows when we’ll ever see them in game like @Smoothy said). the major part of the development (gameplay mechanics) is hidden from us! and we lost the surveys for no good reason (i’m happy we get one for the beacons) …

sad but true :frowning: I wish the devs would return to their old behavior. A community - especially in such a project - can never get enough informations.

As said, KSP did exactly this. i don’t think that one or two pages of text a week (about “planed & done thinks”) will delay the work. If the @devs share the task like in this example (neglected the topics - only fillers) they won’t loose any productivity

An other great project i backed is “Blocks Watch”. They made an excelent example on how accountability with respect to the cummunity have to look like. They are answering questions every 2-3 Days in an excelent QA Style. They also take the inputs from the community to make the product a better one.

I miss above all transparency!

This will be my election campaign motto. :stuck_out_tongue: I totally agree with you @Vastar !

@james: thank you :smile: let me start with a lot of questions

Last but not least …
I think we - the EA backers - are like Sony customers/shareholders of B< and you have an accountability to us!

Please excuse my directness


True words … I’m not mad or upset, but the last post is somehow a summary of my feelings.

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Frankly, we EA backers are only tiny - unofficial shareholders by comparison. Look at the trove of concept art, developer feed-back and support you get from your tiny “share” invested in this game’s development. If you desire even greater transparency than what your contribution is getting you, then I suggest you put your wallet behind your demands and pickup the Oortian package. That monthly skype call is as I understand it, essentially a monthly share holder’s conference.

I personally am highly satisfied with the transparency and feedback I am getting as a backer, or “shareholder” as you put it.


Three months past and no new FAQ section … a lot of discussions (with really interesting content) based on outdated information or without @dev response … nothing more to say!

I wrote the rest as PM because it’s going off-topic in my opinion.

I’m with @Havok40k here! I am totally satisfied with what we have been getting. Especially over the holiday period (I didn’t expect anything!).


Thanks @james I appreciate the response! (and my apologies for opening pandoras box! :flushed:)

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Just to point out, Release 115 (which introduced Beacons and Trading) was made available back in December 2015, which was last month.

lol that was last year

Okay … so now the offical way … i made an edit because i think you read a bit fast over it …

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, you did mention Release 115, but I wasn’t sure from reading your original post whether you knew when it was released or not. Still, you clarified your post here, which makes more sense now.


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yep … same problem here … but the wiki post is a cool idea :slight_smile: thanks again @james

@Stretchious: i don’t add more questions ATM. So you can edit without problems.


Thanks @Heurazio - I’m done for now - will let someone else have a go :smiley:

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Topic 1.2. is less “building” and more “world shaping / regeneration” it think
1.2.3 is a farm a realistic idea? animal reproduction for food / harvesting of different fruits and vegetables?
5.5 other long time motivations like “success system with rewards?”
9.2. about how long tdo you think will it take to implement the new worlds and kill the infinite mode?
19. which kind of monsters we will definetly see else? any other concepts know yet except the introduced arts? How big will they be,how do we handle them, whant are they able to do?

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@smoothy I added your questions into James’s wiki post for you, so they’re all in one place :wink:

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ah, that’s how it works! Everyone can edit the topic. That’s good :slight_smile: I searched for kind of link and didn’t find.
Thank you for doing it.
Maybe we should put that wiki into the “dev board” without our comments. Just one long post that will always be refreshed?

So, out of furtune I just hit today on this video. It inspired me a bit and made me think of this discussion.
@ben @james please delete this post, if it should not be shown (because of other company stuff). I don’t know if it is not appropriate. And for people who don’t like the game he is talking about, try to understand his developers view, that#s why I posted here. The video by the way is english, even when link maybe is german

But it nicely shows in what similar kind of situation you guys at the moment are. So it’s reasonable. But there are 2 or 3 things i think they are worth to also do and not do.


  1. I think it’s cool idea to inform by kind of this videos. It’s very personal!
  2. It sometimes is also necessary to show where are your limits
  3. He explains why something is announced and other things are not. But I think it’s also okay to announce things carefully, being thinking of something and if the idea was killed by some reason, call the reason. Even when people cheer for something, they should be intelligent enough to understand a reasonable stop of it.


  1. he did say: we should inform you more! But he actually just apologize and didn’t introduce anything new. That’s why I think that video is pretty useless for his matter.
  2. video should be filled when talking about stuff with little pictures, videos, demonstration to underline the said

I think you are exaggerating quite a bit here.
As @Havok40k said, everything below “Oortian” is just an early access backer. There is a lot more than spending 30,90,150 bucks on an EA game to become a shareholder.