Ideas for a new FAQ

Hey Everyone.

I’m planning to work on updating the FAQ next week (and also migrate if from into a new category in the forum).

What questions you think the FAQ should cover?
Are there any questions you’ve always wanted answered?
What are the questions that people new to Oort would want answering?

Please let me know what ideas you have and I’ll try and get everything answered. Thanks!


Yes - I want to know if it is ok to chat with the developers and bother the hell out of them for example on Twitter, even though one doesn’t own an Oortian tier.

How Wonderstruck handles the progress of the game. Like when you update and why you update in these intervals.
Basically all the questions that came up before the release of 112^^

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FAQs should definitely include:

Before you post an issue / a bug:

  • Update your drivers
  • etc

If this doesn’t fix it always include a log [insert description how to access the log file] to your report.

I know this is already in the FAQs but yet 4 out of 5 reports don’t include a log, neither have they tried to update anything. Maybe you should put this on the homepage in red blinking letters :smile:

  • How do I acess placable water/lava blocks?
  • How can I protect my builds atm?
  • Will you put Oort on Steam sales any time soon? (this was frequently asked in the forum)
  • How can I change my name / the E-mail that is connected to the account?
  • A list of known bugs/issues.

To add rageprevention to the forum:

  • Where is all the contend that was promised to me?!?!1
    [A short paragraph where you explain why making a game takes time and a short list of things that you are currently working on and when we can approximately expect to see them ingame.]

I’m personally curious about what you guys are working on right now,and what your planning to work on soon.

Along the lines of a FAQ, but not specifically questions/answers: the Kerbal Space Program development team (ridiculously amazing game!) did a “Dev Thursdays” notes release directly from the development team that was basically a short paragraph with what each developer was working on. This is not necessarily daily scrum-level reporting, just tidbits of progress or “I was off last week”, etc. I think something like that would go a long ways towards both the “rage prevention” mentioned above as well as Sage’s “what are you working on now” interest.


But it would also spoil the surprises a bit^^

In their updates, they would allude to upcoming features that they couldn’t go into detail on, etc. If was enough though to know a few specifics about how they spent their week.

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I’ve mentioned something like this before. I definitely think getting some sort of weekly update on any sort of information, timelines, etc. would be great.

Hey Everyone.

Think about adding this FAQ Category again after chatting with @Saint_X.

Please let me know if you have any questions that you think should be answered and included.

  1. what does Tools, machines, powercores do
  • More info on crafting (we got a tease but very little info)
  • Do you still plan to do “Jobs” (dont think i forget, I WANT MAH TINKERER)
  • How are you coming along with progression?
  • Who is the most handsome on the dev team?
  • Any new timeline you guys want to throw out in terms of launch date?

Other questions that I think will be pretty common:

  • Can I play with my friends in other regions?
  • Can I play with my PS4 friends? (e.g. cross-play; wording is hard)
  • Does my PC copy of Boundless transfer to PS4?
  • Why should I crowdfund Boundless if Sony is also bankrolling it? (this may be too serious for the FAQ)

Dont think so, you wont believe how often i hear this from morons on steam “But if you got money from sony then you should give the game virtually free or your a greedy pig!” (grammatical error intented)

@james @ben are you guys allowed to atleast give a bit of info on the deal? not necessarily a direct amount but more like is it per month, its is like a blank cheque or is it a combination of ads and the rights for them to call it ps4 exclusive, i totally understand if you arent allowed to talk about it though.


in this context i like to know:

  1. what are your plans for automation
  2. how powercores work and how they interact with the environment

quite sure it can’t be PS4 ecxlusive … it’s already released for PC :smiley: But the question itself is realy interesting.

  1. how do you cooperate with Sony ?

He means PS4 console exclusive.


as kuma said, im phrasing it FROM them, they literally keep saying ‘‘console exclusive’’ which makes sense to some, but most of the time it sounds like they say its only on ps4, which is dumb as hell.

in reply to @james:

  1. What is your current vision of the final game ? (tiers were discarded … what’s next ?)
  2. Automation ?
  3. Building ?
  4. Fighting ?
  5. Crafting ?
    1. How do we craft Items ?
    2. What Stats will they have ?
    3. Do they have durability ?
    4. How can Items be combined ? (Long ago you shared a nice crafting graph … any informations ?)
  6. What is the RPG aspect of B < in your current vision ?
  7. How does the economy work in B < if there are no NPC’s. Do you plan an Auction House ?
  8. Do we get Guilds or Clans ?
  9. if Yes, how do they work ? (benefits e.g.)
  10. if No, how do we team up for something ?
  11. How do you imagine the end game content ?
  12. Quests ? (we don’t have NPC’s oO)
  13. treasure Hunt ?
  14. Titan slaying ?
  15. Building ?
  16. How exactly do you cooperate with Sony ?
  17. Do you plan PvP ? (i saw some requests for that)
  18. Do you plan to update the AI ? (At the moment it is pretty stupid … you can walk around a splitter and nuke him down with a hammer)
  19. Do you plan regular updates or releases if we come closer to 1.0 ?
  20. What is the current “version” of the game within your vision of the final game ? (is it 0.1 or 0.5 ?!)
  21. Do you plan a regular “Dev Talk” ?

Last but not least … don’t forget the questions of us above …


Wiki QA / FAQ Post

Questions ? go here !!!


Will we have a global chat or how do you plan to include ingame communication?


I think we should differ Wiki QA and FAQ.
FAQ should consist of core questions like on the website, also should tease a bit to maybe look into the forum or other sources.
The wiki can be very detailed I think.

Or is wiki QA and FAQ the same now? There have been a lot of topics and posts to this content the last days. Maybe I lost the overview of what will happen.

@james : two core question for the FAQ:
1.) What differs Boundless from other Sandbox Games specificly. Why is Boundless unique?

I mean, yes I could read the hompage key features. But that’s just a collection of things I can do. And some also overlap with other games. So maybe it would be nice to underline and work out what differs boundless from other games or what is combined to make boundless unique.

2.) This game is still in developement, can I follow or participate actively in it’s development?
Answer yes - hompage for short summaries, - forum for detailed follow up and active participation.