Removing Unnecessary Epics

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We are not OP. I believe that we should either remove certain Epics or increase the Skill Cap to at least 110. At least. The Epics I find Wasteful are:
Chisel Epic
Portal Epic
Mass Crafting Epic

Chisel Epic: Precise chisels already have “Precise” in the name. Why do I need an Epic for it? The epic seems counter-intuitive.
Portal Epic: I already have to pay points to increase warp distance. I feel I am wasting 5 points for something that should be universal.
Mass Crafting Epic: You see the Mass Crafter to begin with, why waste points to buy this Epic when you can use these for more important crafting.

But if that is not possible to remove, please increase the Skill Cap to a least 110 to make it easier. At least.


I agree, however I think each skill should be unlocked on a level basis rather then be universal.

Level 10 - unlock ability to Mass Craft
Level 20 - unlock ability to Chisel Percisely
Level 30 - unlock ability to open portals

Regardless I tend to agree


YES Yes. Please do something like that.

How would you be able to level an alt to 10?

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Its not that hard to get to level 10, think it totals to 27500 exp. You can get that doing feats or even through bulk crafting


Mass craft is for a crafter build
Precies chisel on a builder

epic portal could be where you have points left. But I don’t need it because I use the network.

I don’t see why I need precise chisel on my hunter? Same with masscraft


I use mass craft on my miner in order to gain levels, i have to keep using the purple respec points, but thankfully i have a few hundred spare

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I think they’re fine how they are.

I think there should be more things added in- not worrying about what to take out.


Yup yup yup. If it where replaced by something like this.

Or maybe taking some epic’s out giving them a “general character page” with special skill points that would always be on. Making the character a little more…
But i do think this should be higher lvl stuff. At a certain lvl 50+ for example. You get the ability to add those skills. But they cost points.
Lets say 12 skill points (this may be a way higher cost) can be traded for 1 power point and you can add 8-10 points in to these skills.
But choices need to be made and removing a point means losing that power point.
Just saying lvl50+ hitting it several times and still getting skill points have the points to fill in at least 10 more pages.


I have all my sheets maxed. If we add more things I still won’t be able to use them. It would be counter-intuitive.

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I think they’re fine where they are. It challenges us to A) Use alts and B) Get creative with our character builds.


Of all that you say, the only thing that would not change is the epic chisel, since it gives you many more ways to chisel, you can choose to chisel little without the epic, but with the epic it is chiselled differently, therefore, I would not change it

What an excellent quality of every MMO. Encouraging the use of alts. :slight_smile:


Three listed epics are not unnecessary, but I do often cleanse one of those those or light source when I need ability of one of these.

HP regen, jump epics, revive timer (negated with bomb) or rage & focus epics are to me much more unnecessary ones :smiley:

I would combine jumping epics to one or add some ability to climb/“swim” inside foliage on one of those.

It might be nice if the max points per page increased per level. Just not linearly.

For example:
Level 50: 100
Level 100: 105
Level 200: 110
Level 400: 115

What is the intent of limiting points per page and would this fit into that intent?


Just remove the limit to skill points per skill page. Let players be what they want to be. If you want to use alts to have a builder, crafter, hunter and miner, go for it. But if all you want is to have your character to do what you want without the necessity of using skill pages and alts then you could. Since with the skill pages and alts you can do anything anyway, there really is not any reason for the cap.


I whole heartedly agree with this idea.

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That is similar to a couple other ideas (you may have posted on those topics) for increasing skill points after level 50, and I am strongly behind all of them. Another recent one was to progressively increase the cost of skill points after 100 spent. So like 12 points for the first (60 for first epic), 16 points for the next (80 for epic), and so on. Either way would make leveling more fun and exciting for the long haul.

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This idea is actually worth it- but only will apply to Skill page #1 so you’ll have one skill page that can continue to grow to be well overpowered.

and @Kingzekiel the whole point is not to be able to unlock all these powers at once- it forces other players to cooperate with each other and for you to make multiple alts. i.e. I have one alt that specifically opens my portals and runs my shops.

I would rather they keep adding other things than skills.
I would prefer there to be some kind of reward for completion of your Feats under your Journal tab.
If I’ve murdered a million mobs- i want a small bonus to my damage or something.
If I’ve forged a million tools I should have some bonus for my forge
and so help me I would sprint 500 blocks,
and I would sprint 500 more,
Just to be the man who sprinted 10 million blocks
just to get a boost of .05% or more.
(to my overall speed)


But I don’t use alts. I thought with MMO you would only need one character. I like to keep everything one character.