Request Baskets colour id number

I use request baskets to look up the colour ID number when sorting blocks. This new update removes that ID from request baskets, is this intentional? I would prefer to not have to refer to a third party list every time I need to put some coloured blocks in storage.

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It’s mentioned here:


Good to know I’m not the only individual that this change is going to affect. I read the testing notes several times & saw it coming, but I still don’t quite understand why this was really necessary.

Can’t we just put colour ID numbers tucked away in the item description somewhere already? WITHOUT a mod…

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I’d like it if they ADDED color ID to everywhere in the game they use the word for the color

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If you have gleam club you can always see the customization screen. This is what I use when i need to manually scroll a color list since it’s always had the name AND tint, and it doesn’t require carrying an item.

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Yes this is so unfortunate. Especially since gleambow is back and we will be potentially getting a lot of different colors. Super disappointed in that update!! Especially since I spent the last several months making my.color number sorted storage.

I have never thought of this lol. After 2 years still learning new things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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wtf is that and how do I see it.

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PC Directions:

  • Press escape
  • Click “Character Select”
  • Select the character you’re currently playing
  • Click “Change Appearance”
  • Select “Gleam Club Advanced Tinting”

I assume if you had a tinting kit on the character you could access something similar without gleam club but I never tried it.