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I did a search of a few topics but most were specific to certain resources or areas.

I was hoping that maybe the community could pool together some of the sovereign world generations they have done and also mention the kind of resources they got from the terrain / biomes they chose.
If you would like to maybe also mention why / the theory of it?

things im looking for to begin with:

  • Rosetta nox (ink)
  • other plant types (glowing, lamella, orbs, etc.)
  • tapered boulders (salt petre)
  • beans (any)
  • ores (all)
  • wood - best for each type
  • Gravel

*Please add anything you have seen / known / done. *
It would be a huge resource to other people wanting to create resource worlds.


Some of those, and a bunch of others, are available in this thread: Colors and Their Biomes

There are threads for the others, but I don’t remember the titles.

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perfect thank you, im not use to the forums and did not see that one <3

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I made some quick changes on that post of things I know now. If you are looking for specifics that aren’t in there, you can keep this thread open or ask there.

The info sought can be found here: Colors and Their Biomes