Colors and Their Biomes

I’m trying to figure out the best biome selection to make a world with as many different materials, in farmable quantities, as practical. Specifically, I want to focus on farmable materials people care about the coloring of, so sand is an obvious choice, as well as each of the three wood types, flowers, and gravel.
The intention is to change the world’s colors each cycle based on feedback, maybe from a google form or something.
I’m also looking for feedback on what materials people like having color choice on. I’m not sure what people do and don’t use for building/colors.

Here is a list of materials, and my best guess at a good biome for each. I’ll keep it updated if people give feedback on them.

  • Stones - Available everywhere, Strata slice
  • Ancient Wood - Basket trees, Bamboo, Beaches, Palm desert, Tier mountains
  • Twisted wood - Jungle canopy
  • Lustrous wood - Redwoods?
  • Waxy foliage - Grid platforms
  • Exotic Foliage - Redwood, Upside down trees?
  • Lush foliage - Jungle canopy
  • Sand - Flat desert, Cold desert?
  • Tangle - Nests, Flat desert, Cold desert, Coral
  • Thorns - Flat desert, Cold desert?, Wasteland
  • Flowers - Flower field, Flower field 2
  • Gravel - Surface mines
  • Grasses - Do these have specific biomes?
  • Gleam - Gleamball is the obvious choice here, any suggestions on a runner-up for variety’s sake?
  • Glacier - Maze 1, Dagger mountains, Circle Islands
  • Ice - Ice crack, Icy pools
  • Mud - Mud flats
  • Sponge - Sponge swamp
  • Ash - Salt plains
  • Mould - Coral
  • Growth - Coral
  • Silty soil - Garden Lawn, Plateau
  • Peaty soil - Garden Lawn
  • Clay soil -?
  • Fungus decorations - Are there good biomes for the decorative funguses?
  • Caves for boulders - Flat & Large Flat
  • Surface boulders - Strata slice, rocky desert

Thank you!


jungle canopy or water forest for twisted wood + exotic (?) foliage ( the round one)
salt plains for ash ( or cleam cavern (also has some tangle + thorn), mud flats for mud, ice crack/ icy pools for ice
wasteland for thorns
grid platforms for waxy foliage ( convenient 3x3x3 and flat for soil farming)
plateau for silty + clay
savanna for sand+ silty
surface mines for gravel
garden lawn for silty / peaty (in 2 wide stripes)

I guess that best caves for boulders are flat caves and large flat caves. easy to navigate, lots of floor
for gathering boulders on surface strata slice or rocky desert

i don’t remember tiers


Thank you for all the awesome information here! This helps a lot!

Looks like the one with round leaves is lush.

That’s what I was thinking too, ty for the feedback.


The Coral ocean biome produces all of these, definitely the best for large clumps of tangle.

Actually I find the “nests” biome best for tangle. The nests are lined on the bottom with tangle that can be 6 layers deep from my experience. The biome picture makes it look a bit bad because the picture they used actually has nasty caves that rip through the nest… but with better caves that do not tear up the surface, the nests are amazing tangle sources.


Ahhhh yes, I forgot all about that one!! You are quite correct.

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Hmm, wouldn’t the watet make it harder to harvest there?

Gross, but I’m adding it. Do you know of somewhere I can see this in-game?

Thanks to both of you for your input!

I have them on my T5, i can give you perms and a token to warp to them if you want

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they are just rock formations that are supposed to look like eggs I guess, and the floor is tangle usually between 3 and 6 layers deep depending on the RNG roll.


Oooh, weird, excellent, thank you!

Do you have a big enough frying pan for those?


I happened across this post in an attempt to find info on each biome before I plunge into the biome selection process for a creative planet. Can someone direct me to a resource that may or may not yet exist which lays out the features of each biome? FWIW, I haven’t even begun the purchase yet.

For the most part, other than what’s here and what’s on the selection pages, the most info I can find is here: World Builder Pre-built Biome Preview

And also here a little bit: Compendium of Sovereign World Concerns, Questions, and Answers


Looks like the two things I’m missing that I think are of most interest are:

  • Grasses, though this probably gets taken care of naturally
  • Glacier

Also, if there are any other favorites for Ancient wood, or if people enjoy varieties of gleam other than gleamballs, it would be awesome to hear it!

Thanks to everyone for all the help so far!

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Maze 1, Dagger mountains, Circle Islands

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Does anyone happen to have screenshots or world locations of the Maze biome? It looks solid, but “maze” implies otherwise.

I second the request for anyone’s thoughts on whether certain biomes give rise to certain grasses. I have 2 planets that have come out almost entirely gnarled grasses and me no likey. Lush verdant grass pleaseeee

Marsh lantern gleam is sooooo lovely, I’m suprised I don’t seem to have used it on my planet. Coral is a rely nice one if you don’t want giant gleam ■■■■■; if I rolled a new planet I’d probably use this and the lanterns and whatever makes the big pancakes in the mountains and the diagonal crysals instead of gleam ■■■■■ because they’d merge with other biomes more readily.

It’s less blotchy looking in a pale color, I missed it went I went back inside to change colors & set so I’ve got a milk of lavender magnesium color

Bamboo for ancient wood

Sorry, somehow missed this question… maze 1 has been solid every time i have rolled, not sure if it is always that way though. I have not tried maze 2.

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