[RESOLVED] Hello ... The Game Will crash when it starts

today i buy oort from the steam store and installed ist…

when i start the game it will be loaded when the click to connect screen appears an i klick on it it does nothing…

in My Gamelog are these lines:
See on pastebin: Crashlog Oort - Pastebin.com

How can in fix this problem ?
here are my steam version:

PS Sry for my Bad English :frowning: i come from germany

Can you try the DX11 beta? This is accessible from the game’s properties in Steam.

I try it ans Post The Log again…
Now i change to dx11 in the settings below and start the game again:

it opens a white screen:

and do nothing
Here are the log entries:


The DX11 version is not working as it thinks your graphics card is not DX11 hardware. We will release a version that is DX10 compatible hardware in the near future.

So go back to the none beta version.

The original version failed as it could not connect to Steam. Make sure Steam running and you run the game from Steam.

My Grafic card supports DXdiag i run the dxdiag tool …

But the problem is i have 2 Grafikcards but i dont know how i can change the card whos the game use ?
my second graficcard is Nvidia Gforce 610M

And i start the game from steam!

The 610m is DX11 hardware. One thing to try is to update your graphics drivers to the latest version and see if that fixes it.

i have at least the new graficcard driver i downloaded with the nvidiatool geforce Experience it downloads allways the newest driver and informs me when an update is aviable

//it runs …

It goes. I know not why right now but all right :DI thought I would have to claim my money back for a malfunctioning game.
A thank you to all who have helped :slight_smile: