[RESOLVED] In-game time is always noon


Hello :slight_smile:
Just got my brother into Boundless and noticed that his in-game time is always noon. The sun is fixed right at the top and isn’t moving. He is also experiencing frequent freezes (for a couple of seconds) every 10-20 seconds or so when it’s dark for everyone else, which makes the game barely playable during the in-game night.

I will happily provide any additional info. By the way, his in-game name is Drakon-RBI, if that helps.
Maybe there is something that we could do on our side? Game files seems fine, we’ve verified them through Steam.


It is always day time when you start playing, to make it a bit easier I guess. Cant explain the lag.


I thought the same way, but he played for about 15 hours and he is 10+ lvl, but it’s still always day for him, which seems kinda weird :thinking:


Does he still need to craft a campfire? If he still has not done the earlier feats, he has not completed the “tutorial”.

(I have three characters. Two with the begininning missions complete and the third who still hasn’t made a campfire who I use as a hunter so I can see all times of day)


IIRC, yes, but I’m not sure. But I’m pretty sure he hadn’t placed a beacon yet (I’ve shared my plots with him). Gonna check it, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


In-game time is always what?




Currently until the character completes the tutorial its day time for them.
For the pauses can you share a log from a session where it happens? Exit the game so it dumps all the stats. Q: How do I share a Boundless game log?


Thank you for the clarification. Completing the tutorial and restarting the game resolved the issue :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve started playing long ago when there was no tutorial and was not aware about this mechanic :wink: