[RESOLVED] Is it really stuck redeeming? Or am I too soon?

Ordered a planet this morning (6:09am) found the spam email with the key this afternoon…
was thinking, maybe I need to go redeem the key in the shop like it says… cause I forgot how to do this since my last world… /headdesk

Not sure if it’s me… or not. Here’s where I am at, and have been since about 3:30 p PST. (cancelled out and restarted the game shortly after 5pm, got same thing)

Have you done the while choosing biomes and stuff from the configure your world link in the email?

Cause that is how worlds get made :slight_smile:

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Yup. :slight_smile: Got that done a while ago… but i did it way before I attempted to use the key…

I’m always so excited about these things… lol

They do say that it can take up to 24h. I would wait for that time to pass and ask for help if it doesn’t show up. Maybe there was a typo in your account name/character name ?

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When you order a planet, you don’t need to enter the key anywhere. It’s automatically applied. When your planet is ready, you’ll get a pop-up notification in game that it’s available.


Thanks for that advice. I figured I would not bug him until the time expires… but wanted to see if maybe I was missing a step. I have plenty to keep me busy…

back to getting my spooky orbs…

A while back, I had a problem with a sovereign world not spawning after 24 hours but pm"ed James about it and he got it sorted.
Not sure what the problem was and was the only time it happend with the 30 ir so I have bought


All is well it generated just fine. :slight_smile:


You may want to close this thread if the issue is resolved. :+1: