[Resolved] Server issues? I cannot warp back to my home (Storis II) through sanctum or portals to Grovidias Te. Is this unexpected down time?

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Please I just got this game and love it but not being able to at least warp to my home world is game breaking…

Sorry to hear that. It happens to me quite often where my connection to one region is completely unplayable and if it happens to be my home region I am kinda screwed.

I suggested offering a second home beacon for cubits so we would have a way to get “somewhere” when this happens, but it never gained any traction.

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Can anyone confirm?

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Not sure… I was about to go check if I could get there… but my connection to Circ for TNT hub is so unstable I can’t move :expressionless:

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Please can someone try to travel to one of these worlds I’m stuck on Seginakai :frowning:

I was able to get to Storis II via PS hub

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Can you describe what exactly happens? What message are the portals giving you? Are they saying that the server might be off-line? (more information is more better :wink: )

Well my gf was able to start up her Ps4 and go through portals I couldn’t go through in Tiggs Tunnels so I’m restarting my PS4 sorry this is the first time I’ve had any issues

Personally I am a connection nightmare… since I don’t really live physically near any of the servers. For me it is almost always something between my home connection and the server acting up, not the server itself… but that doesn’t make it any less of a pain in the ass.

Fixed! How do I mark this [Resolved]? Just had to restart PS4 odd.

You can just edit the title :slight_smile: (did it for you this time, as i’m not sure if this is a feature all users have)


I had the same issues I couldnt get in on either PS4 or PC
Portals were reading cant process informationsa or something Im east coast USA.

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where on storis II do you live?