[RESOLVED] Steam not allowing Connection on PC

Steam is currently having a service outage that could stop some players from entering the game.

You’ll get a message saying “Invalid auth token” and “ERROR: 21” when starting Boundless.

I was able to sign in again. But many people are still having problems.


A nervous walk home I have ahead of me :scream:


Just walk slow :persevere:

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It was funny timing for me when Steam went down - just was creating a new character and it wouldn’t let me… so thought something on my end and sort of panicked until I checked Twitter. :sweat_smile:

As a sidenote, got the Error 21 a couple hours earlier too.

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I had that happen to me on ps4 earlier today when I was on scholatin. Couldn’t get to my home beacon on Sorissi or get to Circa(tnt). I did a restart of boundless and that fixed it for me tho.

Thanks for clarifying. Now I can stop trying and stare at the wall.


Guess I won’t be logging out of the game till it’s fixed lol all day play!!!


Here I was thinking it was on my side. Almost half an hour of restarting, checking connection, getting all kinds of errors from either Boundless or Steam itself.

I’m in though so it looks good now.

People on discord are still reporting the outage… seems connection is intermittent.

This is the error screen you get if anyone is interested:

I’m now in, I wonder that when you get in you are ‘in’ and it wont kick you?

3 more hours of work , hopefully it’s fixed by then . I want to get my park finished by the weekend

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See it as a forced break

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That is something else entirely since PS4 does not rely on Steam which is having issues. Much like when PSN has problems Steam players can still play…

I know. But I was making sure they know it was happening on more than just steam. Since launch I’ve only had that happen to me two times.

Sounding like some more of us back up now, I was able to get in again. :slight_smile:

Seems like Steam is stable again.


Ah so thats what that was, luckily I was working earlier so only happened once before I got in

glad im on PS4!