Rethinking the world regen

I was thinking on this, and how about a guaranteed forced world regen and thus resource redistribution every x hrs regardless of having been mined or not.

That way one week you may not have much near your home, but the next you can check the same spots for new goodies.

That has a greater chance of backfiring than benefitting the player. One moment you may have a decent supply, then for several weeks you may have nothing.

Or if you’re unfortunate enough to have finally found a rare resource vein, and a forced world regen kicks in and then removes it from your grasp :scream:

I would imagine something like that would also be more resource intensive as you’d be effectively running the regen process on the entire world, as opposed to just the places that had been modified from their original state.

Wait, so what you’re saying is that the world Regenerated works as intended that makes sure everyone has a leveled playing field? Yet, you think it’s unfair because you want to sit on a deposit and it should regenerate for you so that way you don’t have to do anything besides log on?

How’s that fair? How is it fair that, because you were able to get the game a month before someone else, that you can claim a titanium site, leaving the new player(s) to hope that no one else has claimed all of the titanium? That would discourage a lot more potential players from joining just to make you happy.

Edit: This was towards your initial post. I see, now, that you have made additional comments and I will read them as soon as I have a chance

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but you dont have a decent supply

all you have is what you mined and the rest is gone. and when it regens it may just be nothing but rocks you dont need… so if a new regen every week happened it would cycle that… because if theres something you need there youre going to mine it and then its gone

at least this would not prevent an area from being useless for more than a week or two weeks or whatever was chosen as being useful


what im saying before you misconstrue my thoughts and intent

is that when i signed up for the game, on the boundless website and maybe even still be there, is the implication that you would in fact be able to lock down areas of land for the purpose of taxation.

Before i continue, i would like to remind you all that you have imaginations and brains for a reason. if you limit everything to how you read it, youll limit your opportunity to grow.

back on topic…

we can still do that however its first time mining only… no rare resource is so abundant that locking down a small tract of gold ore is really gonna give you that much of an advantaged when a) any non ore block can be mined and come back as any block (as long as its within that spawn range) and b) the regen rates for locked down tracts of land could be adjusted. it doesnt have to be gold every 24 hrs. it could be 1 time a week or two weeks. or month, that is if they were to give a method to do it i.e. special beacon type.


the last thing i mentioned in regard to this would be a regeneration of unmined areas every so often. in this way, areas that arent getting mined for whatever reason be it that its nothing but rock or peat, would get cycled for a chance to be useful. That way the areas you ignore while mining eventually have a chance to be mined.

dont limit an idea or concept by your current situation. things can be added changed, created or adjusted…

i mean… one block of ‘mine beacon’ with a 14d regen period… per 10 ranks of miner… wouldnt be so terrible. no too soon? 100d? i dunno, maybe ill just give up and wait till there are a thousand more people in game before i start expressing my opinions

The taxation feature was for being allowed on your land. Now, if you could actually rent access, that’d be a different story. Then I’d concede to a different approach because you could rent access to players who want to mine on your plot.

I will agree that the current regeneration rate seems to be a bit quick given how difficult it is to find resources and how much digging is required to finally find a node.

With that said, and as you said “don’t limit an idea or concept by your current situation,” we have to look at the big picture and remember that this is supposed to be an MMO with (potentially) thousands of other players connecting and trying to enjoy the game. Yes, I want to be selfish and lock down nodes foryself without having to compete for materials. However, if that was a mechanic, how would it look to you, as a new player, if you spent triple my hours of playtime only to find nothing, because all of the nodes were found by the lucky people who logged in before anyone else?

If it was only untouched blocks that would regenerate, this would mean as the population grew and more plots were claimed, that would increase the chance of each chunk to generate ores that were once rare. Then as these new generate seams are claimed, it continues this cycle as more people claim. You are now creating an imbalance of ore vs non ore blocks, and that titanium that felt like a (rewarding) grind has become as common as dirt.

With the mechanics how they currently are, at any given time only X% of each seam can exist. As they are mined out, they have a chance of generating somewhere else, maintaining that percentage

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I believe there is a post somewhere that the devs pointed out the reasons why they did regeneration the way they did. And as many people have pointed out, it’s to control resources. If you could mine the same resource vain every 8 or so hours (which is the timer for regen) then you and anyone else that does this will just be able to saturate the market, or even monopolize the market of a certain material. Which would not only deter exploration of the worlds, but also make the game less fun and the economy a mess.

Now your idea of creating specific regen timers based on ore concentration and whatever. That sounds cool. Maybe create a type of mining beacon that can be placed in an area and it has a slower regen timer, however rewards the user with more ore blocks for that. Based on the mining beacon level is the quality of the ore and of course the regen timer (like a copper mining beacon, iron mining beacon, titanium mining beacon, so on so forth. And it lasts a specific number of iterations. Like say 5 regen cycles and it breaks.). That could be a cool idea, however the issue I foresee with that is this: this is meant to be an MMO with thousands of people on it. The number of timers that would eventually be present. That is an immense amount of data that could greatly damage the functionality of the servers. Even worse, create massive lag patches all over the world.

Another thing I would like to bring up is the whole “new player dilemma.” As has been mentioned, imagine the game has been out live for 2 years. You decide to jump in. You load up to your first world, a pocket full of hopes and dreams. You decide to make a small modest home while you delve deep into the mines of Vena V. You jump into this cave, your hopes high of finding iron, and copper, but even greater hopes of finding silver and gold, maybe even some medium or hard coal. You jump in and 3/4 of the cave is beacons. You delve deeper, even make your own tunnels, ride the lava water waves, hookshot left and right. All beacons, you find no single vein because everyone before you has already placed beacons to monopolize all the veins in that cave. You close the game, switch over to steam and request a refund. Why? Because the game isn’t fun, the whole basis of braving the wilds to explore for resources is cr@p because everyone has already exploited the game’s mechanics to control the markets on ore. That is why the regen is random. Because if veins regened, then anyone would be able to monopolize the entire system.