Returning Player looking for a low drama Guild

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I am looking for a guild to Join. Preferably East coast servers (Better Latency)
I have over 800+ hours, Pioneer player, and ready to get back into the game.

What am I looking for in a guild?

  • Low Drama guild

  • Mature Player Base

  • Able to support my terrible mining habits of collecting rocks/gems with Gems/Potions/Food and will provide materials in return. Have no issues with doing contracts.

Who Am I? I am a mature adult just looking to kick back and relax. Nature Themed builds/towns is a plus for me but overall I like to have fun. My last guild, I lost a pioneer key, a major guild, millions of coin, and 1.2m+ of prestige. So a bridge may have been burned but I am willing to give the game another chance.


Come join our adult Guild Twisted Dragon! Come through the sovereign portals area in TNT mega hub and go to Twisted Dragon portal and the guild book is right in the hub. Just make sure you sign the main guild book and not the faction.

We are an adult only guild!

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We can also help with mats and stuff to help you get started again!

Welcome back friend!

I am the Guild Owner of GlitchWorld, we are a mostly US/EU based guild where we all speak english and actively avoid Drama as best as we can. We are mostly based over on Refgar, and can be reached through MOST of the major hubs. We are a guild who mostly plays just for fun, we don’t have any major rules other than don’t be a .

We are very active and working on our second guild so we can accommodate anyone who wishes to join our guild.
Only criteria we don’t meet, is we play on an EU server, however I am an East Coast member and find VERY little lag on our planet.

Buffs renew on Saturday nights/Very early Sunday morning 01:15 Sunday mornings EST.

We typically do:
Level 3 Grapple and Run,
Level 3 Spark and Wear [OR Lava Protection if requested]
Level 2 Builders Buff [We can afford level 3 but we have gotten many complaints it makes placing 1 or two blocks at a time too much of a pain]

I’d love to show you around the city if you wished, we have in our main guild: 238/251 presently. And for our Alt guild [still being built up: 11/107]

We have several planets for Guild members if they wish to resource gather, and a Farming Hub for getting any of the worlds renewable resources.

We offer exclusive Guild Hall access for Fully coiled Machines, for use of any Guild member, and storage set up for extra stuff for our guild mates to use if they find themselves short.

We also have several inner-city stores where you can find everything from Forged Tools, including the Imfamous JT Shop, and Doom101 all the way to finding Sand and Silty Soil for all your glass needs!

If you need more information: We do have a discord anyone can join, feel free to browse and see our activity and guides/resources as needed.

I am Nonie_the_pup#0214 if you need to reach me. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the game, if your interested you can join SHPR
This is a map of the city, we are located on tana a USE planet, join our discord so you can join us more easy, we have a guild workshop, and we are starting our own guild hunts for guild members only.

Join Stars hollow United or SHPR, if you are interested, we are based on tana, We accept anyone in the guild, But are mainly looking for active people to join us, but everyone is welcome , if anyone is interesting join the discord.

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Hey @ardele! Welcome back!

These three are all good picks, can’t go wrong with any of them!

The Grandeur guild is also pretty cool @shortyd856

If you like nature themed, come visit DK Mall some time :blush: no real guild, but I’d love to have you open a shop!


Detroiter!!! Ty!! Hope all is well! Missed the old “good” crew!

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